How to hide a button in Odoo 15 Point of Sale based on user? | Userwise Security Features in Odoo 15 POS
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How to hide a button in Odoo 15 POS based on user? | Odoo 15 Point of Sale

Odoo 15 has brought about many changes in the Point of Sale module in Odoo. In Odoo 14, we saw the OWL framework being implemented in POS. Odoo 15 implemented more features like refund options etc., in the POS view itself. Today, we will look at how to hide buttons like Refund, Discount, etc., based on the user security access in POS.

Let us take the case of the Discount button itself. In order for the discount button to appear in the POS view, one needs to enable the discount option and select a discount product in the configuration of the POS shop. So we can look at how the discount button is defined in order to get the idea about hiding a button based on a condition.

Discount functionality for POS in Odoo is implemented in the ‘pos_discount’ module, and we can check the javascript file in the same module. In the ‘DiscountButton.js’ file in the pos_discount module, we can see the ‘DiscountButton’ being added to the ‘ProductScreen’ aka the POS Screen.

Let us take a look at the code below


    component: DiscountButton,

    condition: function() {

        return this.env.pos.config.module_pos_discount && this.env.pos.config.discount_product_id;



In the above code fragment, we can see an argument called condition being called. Basically, what it does is that the button will only be displayed if all the conditions defined in that argument are true. For example, in the case of the POS Discount button, it enables the option in POS config and selecting a discount product. On the other hand, if any option is not true, then it will be hidden.

Now we have taken a look at how a ControlButton is hidden based on a condition in Odoo 15 Point of Sale in Odoo. Our next task is to hide the button based on user security. The easiest method to test this is to add a new Many2many field in the Point of Sale config linking to ‘hr.employee’. Then, enable login by the employee in POS config and select the employees who will be having access to the discount button. Finally, let us change the code of the discount button to accommodate our security changes also.

In this write-up, we have learned how to hide a ControlButton in the Point of Sale in Odoo based on a condition. This can be extended to various other conditions based on your ideas and can help you a long way in the customization of the Odoo 15 Point Of Sale module.


    component: DiscountButton,

    condition: function() {

        var cashier = this.env.pos.get('cashier') || this.env.pos.get_cashier();

        has_discount = false;

        if (this.env.pos.config.discount_employee_ids.includes( {

            has_discount = true;


        return this.env.pos.config.module_pos_discount && this.env.pos.config.discount_product_id && has_discount;


    position: ['replace', 'DiscountButton'],


We are replacing the discount button and also adding an extra condition. So now onwards, the user using POS will only see the discount button if he has access to the same. This will ensure that the normal users are not applying Discount to orders, and the discount option is hidden behind a wall for normal users.

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