How to Manage Loyalty Programs in Odoo 15 POS

September 22, 2022

In this marketing world, there are several ways to gain customers and keep existing customers. Most businesses offer Loyalty Programs in different forms such as incentives, rewards, and discounts for attracting customers as part of their marketing strategy. You can easily define and manage loyalty programs from the Odoo 15 POS module. One of the best platforms to manage coupons and promotion programs for business is the Odoo POS module. It will help the company in maintaining a long and good relationship with customers and it will boost your company’s sales. This blog will help you learn more about the loyalty program in the Odoo 15 Pos module.
You can easily enable the Loyalty program in the sessions from the POS configuration. Select your POS, click on the three dots icon and select the settings option. Then enable Loyalty programs.


After enabling the loyalty program, select the option named Loyalty programs from the products tab. There you can see the existing configured loyalty programs.

configured-loyalty-programsNow let’s create new loyalty programs.

You can create new programs by clicking on the create button. Enter the details in the corresponding fields.


Enter the manage loyalty programs name. Then enter the number of loyalty points given to the customer in the point per $ spent.
Below this, we can see a rewards tab, you can enter the details of gifts and discounts provided to the customers.
By clicking on adding a line option you can insert reward details, and a new window will appear. We can see a provision for entering details.

see-provision-for-entering-details.Provide the reward name that will be shown on the loyalty program page

Enter the cost of the reward, Enter the cost of the gift if the reward is a gift, and enter the cost in points per currency, if the reward is a gift. Next are the minimum points where you can enter the number of minimum points a customer should earn in order to claim the reward. Then select the type of reward, either a free product or a discount. If you select a free product, mention the gift product from the dropdown menu. If you select the discount option; enter the Discount Product, discount percentage to be applied, whether the discount should be applied on Order, Cheapest Products, or on Specific Products, and also have to enter the maximum discount that can be provided. Click on the save button for saving the details.
You can add multiple rewards to the loyalty program by clicking on the save and new buttons.
The next one is the Point Rules tab where you can enter the details of the rules to receive the points of the customer.

Point-Rules-tab For configuring the rules, clicking on the add a line button and we can see a window. Provide a name for the rule. With the edit domain option, you can easily edit the domain of the rules. Mention the points that will be earned with the purchase per unit and in the point per $ point enter the points that will be awarded to the customer for the per currency he spends.
After completing all the details of the loyalty programs, you can save and use them at the point of sale.
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