How to manage multiple branch operations set up in Odoo

October 4, 2022

The ease of doing business begins with a simplified operation. At Odoo, the customers can be sure of such a great experience. The biggest reward of shifting to Odoo is the option to control everything from a single point. It will ensure better management, productivity, time-bound achievement of target, and flawless results. As the name signifies, multiple branch operations get simpler with Odoo. Many branches and the management activities related to different departments in these branches will become a cakewalk with the united operation of everything under a single roof. Options are many, and let us check out the highlights of such a function.

All in one platform

Functions such as inventory, accounting, sales, and purchase applications come to a single point when someone uses the multiple branch management application. A new menu will appear under the users and companies inside the setting once the process is over.

From here, one can also easily access the created branches. The setting allows the addition of new branches as per the requirements. The creation begins with the naming of the branch for easy identification. Options are also there to add the contact details of that branch on the same platform.

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The highlights

The attraction of multi-branch application is that it works equally to that of a multi-company environment. The default branch comes as the main hub to coordinate the operations. The rest of the details related to the branches get adjusted automatically with the data.
There is a long list of options to manage the whole process. It includes the creation of a branch for partners, products, warehouses, journals, customers, sales flow, purchase flow, and reporting. Upon completion of the module installation, new fields will appear on the screen. The user can decide the value for the created branches.

Branch for partners

Odoo 16 supports the creation of partners and branches. On completion of the creation of a new partner, it becomes the default branch configured for the logged-in user as the default option. The data will be accessible to the parent company.

In the inventory tab, the users can pick the drawer and complete the formalities. Subheads like company and branch will be visible there for the addition of information. Even a beginner in the field can manage the added data or any updating in the future.

Branches for warehouse management

There are multiple options to create multiple warehouses. The only requirement is permission for access to such multiple units. Using the multi-branch module of Odoo ERP, you can create multiple warehouses as branches. This will address the demand for the company and human resources. On completion of the new warehouse, Odoo will automatically produce the type of operation for the warehouse.

The first branch created attains the status of the default branch. There are further options to add more warehouses and change the default settings accordingly. The transfer process is also very easy. We permit the only requirement for the user to access such multiple warehouses for coordinated operation.

Branch on accounting area

It is natural for companies to have multiple accounting offices and accounting requirements. Odoo truly understands such concerns and comes up with specially loaded features and options. The attraction is that the accounting wing can have a look at the facts and figures of multiple branches from a single platform. Don’t spend a lot of time visiting multiple branches or collecting multiple reports to access the status.

The presence of multiple journals for many accounting operations is the main highlight of the branch of accounting. This application works easily with the accounting module. Odoo makes it possible to set separate journals for different branches. The journal for payment works perfectly for each branch to deal with payments. This method also works with the creation of new invoices or vendor bills according to the requirement of various branches.

 Branch on sales and purchase flow field

Everyone knows that sales and purchases form an integral part of any manufacturing industry. There are many companies that have multiple branches for coordinating this area. They even function as independent units under different managers to ensure a transparent operation. The difficult part is that a lot of human resources are used to coordinate the operation. The branch module clearly aims to support such operations with handpicked features.

Make a quick completion of all activities required for the linked branch by creating a new sales order and purchase order considering the linked branch. The users will also have complete access to change or update the orders. The warehouse used in the default option will function as the main hub to coordinate the operations. The sale and purchase orders’ management becomes easy with the combined operation under the management module.

Generation of Bills and Receipts

Everyone knows the fact that the generation of bills and receipts for multiple branches for multiple reasons is a strenuous task. It becomes a simplified experience only with the use of an appropriate module. Sale orders, delivery orders, and customer invoices are all possible with the effective branch management module integration.

Advanced options in Odoo help you generate a sale order report along with a purchase order report and stock moves. We can also track product moves, complete stock valuation, and manage invoice analysis using multiple branch management.

Accuracy at its best

The most important thing is the accuracy factor that makes the branch management module a favorite pick for developed companies. Instead of depending on the capabilities of human resources alone, such companies explore well the multiple options to precisely manage the management records. The retrieval of the required facts and figures becomes very simple with such a hi-tech operation.

Generation of reports on various processes is also simple for those who make use of the multiple branch management tool. The success stories of the proud users are enough to attract new customers to this magic wand. Like other Odoo applications, these tools also will have plenty of user-friendly updates based on customer feedback.


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