How to overcome manufacturing challenges with Odoo Manufacturing Module

November 1, 2022

Challenges are plenty when one steps into the field of manufacturing. The selection of tools at each point defines the rate of succession in the industry. Migration from the legacy system to the modern ERP is the first step. 

Odoo, being the best ERP in the industry, comes up with a lot of innovative options for manufacturers to make their jobs profitable business. At Odoo, the priority is always on replacing human effort with the quick to operate ERP applications.

Odoo 16 Manufacturing module focuses on bringing all manufacturing tasks under a single point and completing the processes quickly. Using this application, one can enjoy a hassle-free manufacturing activity by reducing human efforts, unwanted errors, and complexities. Let us have a quick look at the main advantages of having Odoo to overcome the manufacturing challenges.

 Manufacturing management

As everyone knows, the purpose of having Odoo is to schedule, plan, and process manufacturing orders on time. It helps them control work orders in real-time and it allows workers to carry out maintenance operations, feedback loops, and the request to address quality issues.  

The creation of the Bill of Materials is the first step associated with any manufacturing industry. This stage is associated with a clear documentary definition of the quantity of the required component to make or deliver a completed product.

It is associated with a lot of other operations and departments. With Odoo, multiple BoM is possible with links to each product. The product variants thus get exclusive BoM for complete information. Save time with this set of activities and ensure precision in operation.

 BoM for variant management

It is related to the handling of multiple variants of a product. As you know, each product may be unique in its features and qualities which will have to be recorded perfectly for getting the predicted margin. Odoo makes it effortless to generate unique BoM for every variant.

One can simply visit the configuration setting and set the product variant field. There are options to define each variant and avoid chances of confusion clearly. The details of all variants will be available at a single click for any future reference or communication purposes.

There are also kits available for meeting additional requirements in BoM. Kit includes a set of components in unassembled format. It is mainly useful for selling. Make it possible to ensure uncluttered and effective BoMs with this solution. The only requirement is to ensure both the manufacturing and inventory apps functioning.

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 Systematic management of semi-finished products

Handle semifinished products systematically with Odoo 16. The attraction is that one can get a complete list of such products to calculate the expected delivery time. It will also enable the manufacturers to plan the required stock of raw materials for meeting further production requirements.

Simplifying a complex BoM is possible here. This is apart from the ability to guarantee the accurate flow of manufacturing activities. It will help the manufacturer differentiate top-level products and sub-assemblies.

Quality control options

The target of every industry in the manufacturing field is to attain the prime goals of quality and winning customers. Micro-level management of the production process realizes this. Bought materials, semi-finished products, and final products come under surveillance with this platform. Even before registering the products into the stock, one can rely on Odoo’s Quality module.

On the manufacturing operation type, one can set a Quality Control Point for production control. To make it, one needs to visit the links such as quality, and quality control points, and click the create option. Product categories and specifications will easily come under the desired tags upon completion of the process.

 Management of multiple centers

A single point of operation will only help the effective management of the operation of multiple branches. Such a platform will also reduce human resources and ensure the timely completion of tasks with precision.

The options are multiple which will help the manufacturer know the work status and workload in each center. One can reschedule the operations, labor management, and production requirements.

The completion of the work center configuration is an easy task available under the setting. The creation of work centers will be possible under the configuration tab. Creation of work orders and processing of BoM will be easy in the new environment.

 Easy sub-contracting

Subcontracting is unavoidable in large- or small-scale manufacturing. It is one of the easy options to reduce one’s workload and realize the concept of division of labor for speedy execution and better profit. For those who use legacy systems, such an option will be hardly imaginable.

With subcontracting, a lot of measures have to be adopted for avoiding unwanted headaches. The manufacturing module will easily handle the procedures related to the inventory management of materials for the sub-contractor. Shipping of raw materials to the subcontractors becomes accessible at the right time.

One of the main advantages of the new option is the proper control over the quality of the incoming goods. Replacement of low-quality items becomes an easy exercise with the related monitoring of the account details. In the manufacturing module, Controlling the sub-contractor bills also becomes easy.

 Master Production Schedule

This is one of the finest tools available with Odolo to streamline the whole manufacturing procedure. It will help the manufacturer predict the actual requirement accurately and plan the production process accordingly to get maximum profit.

The demand estimate preparation becomes a simple task with the manufacturing module. One can easily compare the demand forecast with the actual demand. The demand forecast for a completed product will also reflect the indirect demand for its components in the future.

For the marketing team, several other options are also available to achieve marketing automation, including SMS marketing and automated communication features. In short, the Odoo marketing module can simply boost production activities and support strategic planning in the industry.  



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