How to use Manufacturing Order effectively using Odoo 15

March 10, 2022

The manufacturing order module in Odoo plays a vital characteristic in Odoo. This module gives the creation of producing the order of products, and those products undergo through the production process, thus completing the production.

Creating a Manufacturing Order in Odoo 15

Creating a manufacturing order in odoo 15

Give the name of the product you want to create the order and the quantity to produce. Then we will see another field, BILL OF MATERIAL.

What is the Bill of Material?

Bill of Material may be described as listing basic component materials you need to produce a particular product. So for creating a manufacturing order, a bill of material is required.

What is the Bill of Material

This is how a bill of material has to be created. Give the product which you want to produce and the quantity to be produced. Select the BoM Type.

Bill of Material (BoM) Types:

  1. Manufacture this product: If you pick this BOM type, the product can be manufactured if you need the product.
  2. Kit: Kit type is referred to as the splitting up of the product into its basic components either at the stage of manufacturing or at the creation of stock transfer.
  3. Subcontracting: When the manufacturing order of a product is assigned to another company, and that particular company works on manufacturing a product.

Bill of Material (BoM) Types

Then list all the basic component products required to manufacture the final product and click the save button. Then after that, we have to enter the work order details like the work centre, expected duration to complete the production, etc.

odoo 15

It has been shown that the work is in progress, and after the completion of the work, it goes to the done state.

Unbuild Orders:

If a product you manufactured is damaged, we can go to the unbuild orders. It allows the splitting up of the basic components of the product, and you will get them in Odoo Manufacturing Order back in stock. If you unbuild a product damaged you bought, it will be in Bill of Material back in stock.

odoo Unbuild Orders


When the product is damaged, cannot be managed by the company and cannot be used, it will be considered as scrap and moved to the scrap location.


In this way, scrap orders are created. Enter the name of the damaged product to be moved to scrap location and also the source location from which the product is in, and the scrap location to which the product is moved to. When it is validated, it will be moved to the done state.

Work Centers

Work centres are locations in which the work takes place, like building the product and making of its basic components etc.

Odoo Manufacturing

We can create a work center as shown above. We have to give the work center name first. The alternative work center is another work location to be used when the current work center is busy. Working hours are the scheduled work timing of the work centers. Then enter the company to which the work center belongs.

Master Production Schedule

We can enable master production schedule from configuration→settings→Planning→Master Production Schedule

We can effectively plan the production using the master production schedule. Using Maps, we can get a product like this:

odoo 15

Safety stock target: This is the amount of stock that should be in our hands until the end of the period.

Minimum to replenish: The minimum amount of stock to replenish. Maximum to replenish: The maximum amount of stock to replenish.

Work order:

Work order means the overall production activity of a product using the basic components of the product in a work centre. We can see the progress of the process.

odoo software

We can directly view the process and production status from work orders.

Maintenance Request:

When a manufacturing order is created, a product is created and moved into the stock. Maintenance request is relevant while a product arrives or when we create a product that is not well-running or broken. So the product needs maintenance.

odoo Maintenance Request

Request: Give the request for maintenance for the particular product in MO.

Equipment: Select or give the equipment which is used to correct the product.

Manufacturing order: The Manufacturing Order in which the particular damaged product exists.

After filling in all the details, a new request has been created when we click on the Save button.

Then when we go to the corresponding work center, we can see the work. After the completion, it’ll be in the completed state.

odoo manufacturing order

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