How Odoo Helps in Recruitments?

July 13, 2023

Human resources will always be the backbone of our company. They are the ones that will determine your company’s success. Employees will make a direct contribution to the overall performance and profitability. Therefore, you will have a smoother operation if you manage your staff well. With the help of the Odoo HR module, the company’s HR Department can efficiently manage all of these tasks.


The Odoo recruitment app for HR aids in hiring your employees. Outsourcing to contract management and recruitment can be managed with this process. Moreover, the job posting is no longer cumbersome after implementing Odoo HR Module. It allows you to post jobs with only a few clicks and keeps track of the application you have received.

 Organize your vacancies and job applications!

Setting up your job board, marketing your job openings, and keeping track of applications that have been submitted can be done through Odoo. You can also maintain a database of skills and profiles for each candidate, complete with indexed documents.

Vacancy management

New staff can be hired through Odoo’s recruitment policy module. By clicking the create and edit button on each screen, you can create and edit the stages, tags, degrees, job positions, source of applicants, and departments of the position. By clicking the save button you can store the information.


Job Applications

Moreover, you can also make changes to the applications that are directly downloaded from the website. You can give stars to applications and view their documents here. You can also take the next action, which will remind you on which date to follow up, input the expected salary and proposed salary, applicants availability, schedule meetings, and begin the interview. Odoo is easily adaptable and provides a smooth flow allowing you to focus on your recruiting.


Every job offer has a  unique email address to send. Businesses can get all the data automatically indexed and answered in a single click using templates or personalized responses. This function does not depend on whether applicants contact you via email or by any other source.

 Customize your recruitment process!


In the previous version of Odoo, we are previously familiar with allocating several stages to the recruitment processes. In the most recent version of Odoo, you can customize the steps of your recruitment process using the Kanban view: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, negotiation, and so on. This helps to get a piece of detailed information on your hiring process.

Moreover, you can utilize reports to compare the results of the job advertisements you have made on several external job sites. Therefore, based on the findings, you can easily adjust your strategy and recruitment plans.

By adding more fields to the list view you can improve the viewing of the data. Create new fields for the related views using the Add Custom field option. Odoo studio, make this simple to accomplish. You can also customize the list view by adding extra fields based on your needs.

You will receive the first applications after you create and publish your job openings. After that, the filed documents will be stored in the documents app  When you want to examine any candidate’s documents, it will take only a few seconds. It helps you to save time and manage documents better.

The feature in the Odoo HR module ensures that the platform is user–friendly for all users. Bassam infotech, a leading Odoo Silver partner can help you with all HR-related concerns. Employee-related operations need to be monitored well or else it can impact the organization’s effectiveness.


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