Analysis of HR Organizational Chart in Odoo 16 

September 15, 2023

Analysis of HR Organizational Chart in Odoo 16 

An organizational chart is a visual representation of organizational relationships and roles which means it includes the company’s internal or external structure, roles handled by persons, and relationships and responsibilities of each individual person. Employee information like the time schedules, attendance of each one, salary details, leaves, expenses, recruitment, and employees will be available in the Odoo 16 HR Module. We can also manage crucial parts of your employees’ employment in an efficient manner. They are talents, contracts, and working hours.  HR Organizational Chart gives an overall viewpoint of the department.

The New Features

a) The overall hierarchy of the HR department can be viewed.

b) Get child hierarchy by clicking on the image

c) Very easy to find the employee.

d) The department included a Profile view in this chart

In this blog, let’s look into Odoo 16 HR organizational chart details.

View the Overall hierarchy of the HR department

To See the Chart view, Go to the menu Employee -> Organizational Chart in Odoo 16. 


So click on the l chart, and you can get a user error like this.

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Also, no chart is displayed. It is due to us not assigning a manager to the employee. So, open Employees -> Employees

Select the manager. Also, you can see that no organizational chart was created because we do not assign any manager to the employee.


After that, go to Employees -> Organizational Chart.

So, it will show like this. Here, under Mitchell’s admin, three other employees are there. Click on each employee, then if they are configured as managers for any other employees, it will show a connection with that employee.

You can expand and shrink the chart this way. You will get the complete chart view while expanding the chart view.

This visual representation helps to show all connections between different departments and employees. It will be presented as a flow diagram. Odoo 16 can manage the structure of the company in the business field as a helping tool.


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