The Challenges of Implementing Odoo ERP in Saudi Arabia

May 19, 2023

One of the best systems used in practically all large and small organizations, Odoo can change your business. By automating vital business operations, Odoo streamlines different activities. Similarly, Odoo combines operations and integrates interdepartmental activities. Odoo fully eliminates the need for manual labor.

Businesses benefit from the modular design of the Odoo ERP, which ensures cooperation and harmony between all work units.

However, while using this high-end, all-encompassing business solution, every Odoo specialist occasionally encounters specific difficulties. We can consider these hurdles as the key challenges faced during the implementation of Odoo.

However, these challenges can easily be overcome by embracing a set of precautions. To realize the impact of these challenges, we need to understand the challenges first. This blog will help you learn about the challenges faced while implementing Odoo ERP in Saudi Arabia and how these challenges could cause performance problems. You will also learn the tricks to overcome these issues once you read this blog.

Absence of strategic planning

When a firm deploys the Odoo ERP, it should choose the perfect combination of ERP modules with strategic planning. Everything that begins with a plan will certainly succeed. A move without a plan can damage the business. It can even affect the reputation of the company. Therefore, it is the responsibility of the decision-maker to understand the primary business objectives and then determine whether the Odoo ERP is fit to manage requirements.

Tricks to settle this challenge

Official Odoo partners like Bassam can help you identify your perfect ERP combo. Professional advice will help the business analyze the requirements and then choose the Odoo modules and other applications to be integrated. The selection of an ERP module for Odoo Implementation needs proper interaction between the company and the Odoo partner.

Excessive Customization

As you know customization is the key feature of Odoo ERP. However, excessive customization of the tool can sometimes land you in trouble. This will make it necessary to address technical issues frequently. Customization by including unnecessary modules and integration of complicated applications can sometimes result in technical hiccups. This may even slow down the operational speed of the ERP.


Tricks to settle this challenge

Having the customization option has unquestionably got its benefits. To do this, one must, however, have a clear and thorough understanding of how the system should perform for the business. We should first analyze which department requires the most organization of its operations. Besides, it should be able to support you to work in line with the business aim. Over-customization negatively affects the company’s performance.

Crucial features remain unused

Each ERP will have different features and functionalities. However, some businesses cannot make use of all these features. Sometimes, they may completely ignore some of the key features. Similarly, some businesses occasionally neglect to use the essential and unique features and functionalities of the Odoo ERP. Every time a new version of Odoo is released, it has more sophisticated functional capabilities that users may use. The major purpose of this is to outline the aims and ambitions of the business. It enhances the workflow, opening the door for future adjustments. One of the biggest errors these experts make is not using these capabilities to their full potential. Thus, they cannot improve business performance.

One cannot understand whether the module is effective enough to provide revenue-oriented expansion unless the tool is properly used. Hence, the business and the Odoo partner should take care of the proper utilization of all features. We know Odoo is popular because of its modular design. The adaptability of these modules meets every department’s need and enables the business to grow.

Tricks to settle the challenge

Here comes the role of an experienced Odoo implementation partner like Bassam. Bassam is a leading Odoo Implementation And Odoo Customization company in Saudi Arabia and understands the requirements of clients. We can help you understand the features of every module that is part of your ERP. Our tool will guide you to make your life easier with Odoo. We assure support and training apart from implementation support. Training and support will help the team members understand the features and maximize the use of all key features.

Lack of testing

Before integrating the Odoo ERP software into the company, a thorough evaluation is required for its successful integration. To ensure that the program performs flawlessly down the road, comprehensive and meticulous training is required. Testing allows one to determine whether the ERP is adequately addressing all the needs of the business. If thorough testing is not done, errors, malware, and bugs may subsequently be found, which may cause the need for expensive technical maintenance.

 Tricks to settle the challenge

Whatever your requirement and whichever be modules integrated, we should always go for testing the ERP before the ERP is handed over to the company. The Implementation partner is responsible to trial running and test every feature completing the process. All operations, major and minor need to be tested and proven functioning. Hence, the investors should insist the implementation partner carry out all the procedures.

Saudi Arabia is a quickly growing country that needs the perfect business ERP. Odoo ERP which updates its features every year is the best-suited tool for running businesses in Saudi Arabia. However, one should be careful to choose the finest ERP implementation partner in Saudi Arabia as the implementation involves a set of challenges. Bassam Infotech, with over 25 years of experience in ERP implementation can help you solve all your problems. Our team will be with you from the discussion stage to the training and support stage. The team will hand over the tool only after proper testing. What is more? Our team assures round-the-year support for settling technical or functional issues. Contact us for more details.

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