Benefits of Implementing Odoo ERP Software in Middle East

May 8, 2023

Even though businesses in other parts of the world face greater difficulties in 2023, the Middle East holds the potential for success and growth. Companies are bringing in increasingly major capital and skills. Hence, its significance as a hub for international trade is growing. Overall, the standard is getting higher as the area assumes a more significant role on the world stage. Besides, the optimism and ambition of business groups including small businesses are growing as a result in the GCC region.

Business in the Middle East

The Middle East holds the potential to promote and encourage businesses by exploring untapped potential. Middle Eastern countries provide a platform for businesses to begin, establish, and expand. Establishing a business in this region calls for perseverance and knowledge of the regional marketplaces. It can be quite profitable to grow your business in Middle Eastern markets. Success in the area is no simple task.

Growth of Online Marketplace

With the increasing presence of Amazon marketplace e-commerce marketplace is also expanding quickly in the region. The region’s well-known mall culture is gradually changing because of this. Hence, the new system provides a platform for the digitalization of business activities. Online marketplace and online shopping are paving the way for increased use of ERP for business management and promotion.

Need for ERP Software in the Middle East

If you run a business in the Middle East, you are aware of the critical role that resource management plays in corporate success. ERP software fills that need. ERP eliminates repetitive activities and provides you with a comprehensive view of company operations. This increases efficiency and helps you streamline your business procedures.

ERP software implementation can help businesses in the Middle East to scale heights. It ensures many advantages from higher data accuracy to better decision-making. An ERP system gives organizations a real-time, comprehensive view of their operations. Besides, this enables them to make better decisions and react to market developments faster. With several modules that may be integrated or customized, an ERP system helps us to customize software solutions to match the unique demands of an organization.

For instance, you can change the solution to suit your needs using Odoo, the leading ERP software system in the Middle East. It can be cloud-deployed minimizing the investment requirements.

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Benefits of implementing Odoo ERP

Integration of different modules

Odoo is made up of many modules, which can play fundamental roles in easing business operations. The list of Odoo modules that benefit the business includes Accounting, Human Resources, Inventory, Manufacturing, Logistics, Sales, Marketing, etc. These Odoo modules will help the user track every operation from raw material purchase to the sale of the final product. Likewise, it supports human resources management, customer relationship management, and accounts management.

Customer Service

A customer support system can be termed good or bad based on the approachability of the tool. Odoo provides customer support through a variety of accessible and simple channels. Usually, many ERP tools are supported with limited resources. At the same time, Odoo ERP provides multiple resources for learning and management of the ERP.

Extensive assistance

If you purchased Odoo, you get simple access to bug fixes and support during the workweek via email. If any of the business leaders need to clarify their doubts or fix issues they can quickly contact the Odoo team or Odoo partners. Many Odoo partners offer 24/7 customer service and may assist you in a variety of ways. One of the top Odoo app & theme developers, Bassam offers its customers the best services.

Quick customization

Without extensive rewriting of scripts or modifications to its fundamental structure, Odoo offers end-to-end user customization. Many ERP solutions lack customization support and users are forced to implement new ERP with the upgrading of their businesses. However, users can quickly alter Odoo’s features with the help of its sophisticated apps and themes.

Total solution

Odoo has a broad range of functionality that assists businesses in meeting their business needs. It is available in Enterprise and Community Edition. While Enterprise is a paid version, Community is free. If you want to purchase Odoo, you can start with the free version and subsequently upgrade to the premium Enterprise edition.


Odoo is regarded as an ERP for SMEs and startups. It was first released as a small ERP in 2005. Most ERPs are pricey, with additional pricing features for add-on facilities. You may easily integrate Odoo into your setting because it is an open-source ERP. The best part about Odoo is that you may use it on a pay-per-use basis instead of paying a set price for it. Only e-commerce modules must be purchased if you want Odoo for e-commerce. If you don’t want to spend the money on the entire package, you can use the community edition, which is free.

Odoo is open-source software that works well across all nations and regions. Odoo has introduced a localization tool to effectively support users across the globe.

Users of Odoo can localize the software following their country’s or region’s legal and administrative structures. Localization is helpful and crucial when ERP works with accounting and related financial operations. The localized ERP will automatically calculate the tax for that specific country and will enable the calculation of tax differences because of the various tax systems in various countries. Localization makes tax administration, and journal entries simple to administer.

Odoo Opens New Office in Dubai

The has recently launched its new office in Dubai. The office currently has a 600-person capacity and has 72,000 square foot open area for the future development of the company. The new office will act as the business’ Middle East and North Africa (MENA) regional headquarters, delivering unmatched support to the region’s expanding customer and partner base. The presence of the Odoo office along with several Odoo official partners will help the companies to easily settle their ERP needs.

Bassam Infotech is one of the best Odoo ERP Software solution providers in the Middle East and we can easily help you fulfill your ERP requirements. Contact us for more details.


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