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Lead management in Odoo CRM | Importance of Odoo 14 CRM Tool to Manage Leads

September 23, 2021
Customer relationship management is a significant aspect of any business. A good customer management system is essential for efficient lead generation and management.  All ERP tools have separate CRM software to manage lead generation and contact management, and Odoo has a separate CRM tool to manage customer-related operations and promote sales. Odoo open source ERP and CRM support effective customer management and business operation management by guaranteeing comprehensive support for lead management. A significant feature of Odoo 14 CRM is the inclusion of lead generation and management support. Before diving into the details of lead management with Odoo 14, let us check what lead generation is?

What is Lead Management?

We can define lead generation as the process of acquiring leads. Or, it is the process of collecting the details of potential customers by different means. The leads will help the sales team to interact with the potential customers to convert the leads into opportunities.  Let us check the different types of leads. When a customer visits an e-commerce website and fills in the inquiry form, the person leaves a lead for the sales team. In the same way, a chat through the live chat facility or a mail communication enquiring about the service can be considered as a lead.  Besides, a phone call to the customer care number and a query in the social media marketing platform also helps the users to gather the details of the customers.  In short, a lead is the details of a customer interested in purchasing a service or product offered by the company.

Importance of Odoo 14 CRM Tool to Manage Leads

Odoo 14 CRM tool, or customer relationship management tool, is the software application that helps manage customer details for sale promotion. An efficient CRM tool will help the business to gather all the leads. The real customer interaction begins after the lead generation. The CRM tool helps the sales team to assign leads to various salespersons and follow up the leads efficiently. The advantage of using the CRM tool is that it automatically stores the details of the customers. Besides, it allows the transformation of leads into opportunities.   We can categories opportunities into won opportunities and lost opportunities. This categorization is done based on the response that the salesperson receives from the customer.


Significance of Odoo 14 for Lead Management

Odoo 14, being the latest version Odoo, has all the enhanced features required for efficient lead generation, lead gathering and lead management. It is not just a CRM tool of Odoo that supports us to generate and manage leads. Along with CRM, sales, e-Commerce, live chat, social media marketing and email marketing tools also play significant roles in lead generation and management.
  • Leads from Emails

A company may receive several inquiry emails from customers. Odoo generates leads or opportunities from these mail addresses.
  • Leads from website

All e-Commerce websites use website forms for the customers. The customer can add their queries along with their address in these forms. Any information regarding the identity of the persons, who sent the query, can form a lead. 
  • Importing contacts to generate leads

Salespersons interact with several customers. Odoo helps the users to import these customer details to Odoo CRM to generate leads.
  • Manual lead creation

Odoo enables the manual creation of lead. The sales team can collect information about the customers who visit a point of sale or an exhibition site and manually enter the data into the CRM.  The users can manually add the address given by the customer to create leads.

Leads Management with Odoo 14 CRM

  • Create Leads

Capturing leads is comparatively easy as we have different methods available for lead generation. The marketing campaigns, social media tools, direct exhibition of products and customers visiting the point of sale will provide a good lead to the company. We can create the lead directly by adding the lead details, customer details and salesperson details. There is another option, ‘Generate Leads’, which helps us to generate leads.
  • Converting Leads to Opportunity

Odoo 14 CRM tool helps to store leads in a centralised platform. Odoo 14 gives you two options for conversion. The first one is to convert the lead to a fresh opportunity, and the second is to merge the new opportunity with an already existing opportunity. At this stage, we can share the lead with the sales team of the company. Besides, we can automate the lead distribution process. The salespersons can communicate with the leads to convert the lead into an opportunity. After a lead generation, we can add it to the pipeline for easy tracking of the lead. The user can mention the email address, phone number and expected revenue while creating the opportunity. We can also prioritise the opportunity with the help of the star rating facility. The contact info will be updated automatically if we pick an existing customer to create an opportunity from the lead.
  • Create quotation

Once the opportunity is created, we can use Odoo 14 to create a quotation for the potential customer.  The salesperson will interact with the customer and then create a quotation from the CRM tool itself. Odoo 14 CRM supports us to create invoices and send the quotation by mail.
  • Won and Lost Opportunity

Once the sales person-client interaction is over, and the quotation is sent, we can mark whether we have won or lost the opportunity. The user can view this in the sales pipeline also. The Kanban view in Odoo 14 CRM helps the users to get a clear picture of the sales pipeline and the number of won and lost leads.
  • Assigning leads to salespersons and teams

Use Odoo 14 enables us to assign leads to sales teams and salespersons in a systematic manner. This feature helps the user to get a clear view of the number of leads managed by each salesperson. The manager can also view the status of the lead. In the same way, the leads can be assigned to different sales teams. Using Odoo 14, the user can create different sales teams to manage leads from different countries or different media.
  • Lead Scoring

In Odoo 14, we can find an option to manage lead scoring. This feature helps us to add scores to each lead after assessing some criteria. The leads with a high score are more likely to be converted to win the sale. This scoring allows us to assign good leads to the salespersons and avoid low-quality leads. Depending on the industry, area of operation and the pages visited by the customer, we can set scoring rules. The accuracy of the scoring rules ensures the accuracy of scoring.

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