Role of Odoo ERP in Improving Customer Experience in the Dubai

May 29, 2023

There are several approaches to gauge customer response in the contemporary market environment. These measures assist you to plan your business developments accordingly. The most popular ERP, Odoo, provides a practical and robust platform for customer service and management. Hence, Odoo’s Implementation can easily satisfy all the demands of the customer relationship management wing.

One point customer management solution

The ability to track all of your leads and opportunities on one platform is the key benefit of using the Odoo CRM. The best feature of this CRM is its simple user interface. Hence, it supports the sales team with a good opportunity to track trends and develop leads.

Odoo CRM comes to the rescue of the management when there is an immense need to monitor the activities of the sales team. The timely intervention of the manager and efficient guidance will help the team improve their performance. Turning leads into opportunities also become possible with effective teamwork. The single window system allows the management to keep track of each lead and change strategies.

Enhanced communication with customers

Odoo CRM transforms every communication into a professional interaction. The most useful feature of this ERP is straightforward access to a large contact database. Odoo enables us to manage multiple contact details for one company. Apart from this, the sales team can be given access to the contact database to ensure proper interaction with clients.

The most user-friendly ERP, Odoo guarantees a trouble-free experience by pre-setting consumer preferences and languages. Apart from this, Odoo CRM makes it easy to create the most eye-catching email templates. With the help of this module, it will be possible to call consumers from a browser, reschedule calls, or send emails in response to unsuccessful communication attempts. The CRM module makes it simple to create customized alerts and email attachments that are specific to the correct chances.

User-friendly interface

Advanced user interfaces that use fewer data and more visual elements will certainly ease the sales team. These mobile-friendly tools will help them access leads and other information at a glance. Besides, they will monitor trends and take action for targeted activities with visual support.

Business tasks including lead generation, lead import, lead redundancy, and lead scoring will become easier with Odoo Installation. Live chat will never be tiresome as Odoo CRM can be integrated with LiveChat Module. Similarly, Odoo Integration will help in URL tracking. Odoo CRM also assists your business to schedule meetings.

Lead and contact management

To enhance customer connections and service, Odoo CRM primarily focuses on four areas.

  • An efficient contact management system that can take the place of traditional approaches. All of your client’s information will be accessible in one place. Besides, it will simplify all the crucial communication tasks.
  • Integration of the CRM module with other tools makes it easier to turn prospective leads into lucrative businesses.
  • Odoo guarantees excellent management of the sales crew for generating more leads and revenue.
  • The ability to create interactive reports makes it easier to make accurate assessments of the caliber of various goods and services.


Restrict access

Even if everything is accessible from a single interface, not everyone can access the entire CRM library. There are many options available for having uncompromised access control. Managers, business users, and other sales heads are the three different categories of default users. A user’s access to certain types of information can be limited by using access control.

For a manager, access will be unrestricted. He has the privilege to limit how much information they share with the subordinates in the module. He will prevent his sales professional from accessing any private information from the CRM module.

Setting priorities

The success of a business lies in the efficiency of its team members to prioritize their tasks. Prioritization becomes effortless if we have the right tools to list out the tasks. Any business involved in sales or manufacturing activities starts by ensuring client management. Hence, one can ensure an agile operation in strengthening the client relationship with the quick generation of newer leads by using the Odoo. While prioritization helps to list out clients and leads to be addressed first, it also improves strategy management.

Access controls

Having everything on a single screen doesn’t mean that everyone can access everything inside the CRM repository. Options are plenty for enjoying uncompromised access control. As there are three types of default users-Manager, business users, and other sales heads. Using access control, one can restrict the amount of information available to a particular user.

With a manager, access will be uncontrolled. However, he has the option to restrict the exchange of any information in the module with the subordinates. In short, he will restrict his sales executive from accessing any sensitive data from the CRM module.

Excellent user experience

Odoo CRM makes business management painless by integrating sales, inventory, human resources, marketing, and management information system. The detailed user interface aids in the fast delivery of goods to clients. Besides, it increases the speed of all other significant sales management procedures. With the specialized tools, stock and inventory management will be simpler.

The Odoo simple dashboard’s display of the storage and stock will provide a distinctive user experience for efficient client management and customer service. Users have a lot of flexibility in how they can personalize their preferences thanks to the options provided in the settings section. It is the most affordable and user-friendly CRM module on the market.

Odoo CRM can be integrated with Odoo Sales, Odoo Inventory, powerful APIs, Google Docs, other marketing apps, e-commerce, and point-of-sale modules of Odoo.

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