7 Ways to Increase Sales with Odoo CRM software | Generate Leads With Odoo CRM

September 4, 2021

Sales of a company are the direct reflection of customer satisfaction offered by the business. A business venture with extensive customer support will always flourish in the market and become a trendsetter.

Customers are the highest priority for all industries. Regardless of the type of business or the industry, customer support is essential for the constant growth of the business venture. 

Good customer relationship management activities play a significant role in ensuring a good customer base and customer retention. Odoo has developed comprehensive CRM software to help various business ventures ensure the best customer management system. 

CRM or Customer Relationship Management Software manages a databank of the customers. Existing and new clients can be listed out using the ERP tool. Apart from interacting with new clients, this CRM tool enhances the relationship with existing clients. This software platform also helps business ventures to create leads and identify potential customers. 

What is Odoo CRM?

Odoo CRM is a user-friendly interface designed to improve the relationship between the customer and the business. This CRM solution enables the investor to analyze sales performance and introduce innovative sales enhancement techniques. 

A glance at the performance review is another highlight of Odoo CRM. This ERP platform enables the review of sales performance for a particular period. Only proper analysis support can ensure the innovation of strategies for better customer support. 

Odoo CRM application offers a single-point solution for all your CRM worries. We can use Odoo CRM on laptops or mobile phones, making it easier to manage CRM activities. The centralized data offered by Odoo CRM helps the users coordinate and monitor CRM-related activities from anywhere in the world. 

It helps the users to schedule meetings or other activities effortlessly. In the same way, Odoo CRM guarantees data security and data backup management.

Let us see how Odoo CRM can increase your sales by checking the significant highlights of Odoo CRM

  • Lead Generation

What is a lead?

Lead is an individual or a company who shows interest in buying a product or service offered by your company and lead is any contact number, address, or other details which could connect you to the potential buyer. 

Lead generation and management are crucial in the present era as digital marketing is flourishing along with direct marketing. With the flourishing of eCommerce, and the availability of Live Chat facilities on eCommerce websites, the lead generation rate is high. The efficiency of the sales team is in converting the lead to opportunities. Odoo enhances the chance for lead to opportunity conversion.

Odoo CRM offers assistance to attend to all the leads. This ensures a high conversion rate of lead to opportunity. Odoo systematically arranges all leads, helping the user to contact the lead and ensure a sales operation.

The name of the company, contact, email, other details, and lead probability get updated in the lead. The lead can either be converted to opportunity or marked as lost. We can also convert it to the ticket.

  • Track Leads and Manage Pipeline

When a lead is generated with Odoo CRM, we can add the details of the salesperson and sales team. Besides, the Pipeline in CRM helps to list the leads based on different stages. We can view the pipeline in the pivot, list, kanban, calendar, and other views. 

The users can have a quick view of new leads, qualified leads, propositions and won and lost status with the help of the sales pipeline. Besides, the graph view enables us to check the ratio of won or lost leads. CRM solution also generates a report for each salesperson or sales team and helps improve the performance in the future.

Odoo CRM also helps users track the efficiency of different media used for sales promotion. It calculates the number of qualified leads through each media. 

  • Prioritizing Leads

Lead prioritization helps the sales teams to decide the immediacy of addressing the lead. The users can set priorities by using the priority option that is available in the lead creation form of Odoo CRM. The users can also add tags to decide the type of lead.

  • Manage Activities

Odoo CRM gives us an option to schedule activities to coordinate the work. The calendar schedule helps to get a glance at all scheduled activities. We can view the pending activities in the pipeline and follow up on the activities. The managers can also view these activities and intervene to speed up the action.

  • Quick scheduling of meetings

 Odoo CRM has the “My Activity” tab that enables the users to generate a new quotation, new rental, etc. The user can also mark if the opportunity has been won or lost. 

The salespersons can make use of this tab for scheduling meetings. On clicking the calendar view, we can schedule a meeting with the potential customer. 

Easy synchronization of activities with Google Calendar or Phone ensures timely reminders. We can also set privacy and ensure the security of the meeting. The meeting will be visible only to the attendees.

  • Log Notes to Follow Up On the Activities

Missing out any interaction with the customer may lead to losing the opportunity. The log note system offered by Odoo CRM enables the sales teams to keep track of all the activities. Even a new team member can continue interaction with the client without any hiccups.

  • Report Generation and Sale Analysis

  • Odoo CRM ensures the timely generation of reports. We can take a glance at the number of leads generated for a period and the leads qualified. The comprehensive report generated by Odoo reflects lead won and lost data. Sale analysis helps the management to sort out sales strategies based on the analytical reports.
  • Odoo CRM is the most efficient CRM support for any kind of business. A low-cost CRM solution, Odoo CRM Software guarantees effortless data management, lead generation, opportunity management, activity scheduling, and report generation. 
  • The user-friendly interface of Odoo CRM Software helps users to manage operations more efficiently. Reduced data entry and mass mailing, and multiple contact management systems ensure customer satisfaction. Odoo CRM Software also supports sales forecast management and personalized interaction with the customers. We can make sure that no data is lost and hence no sale is missed.

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