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February 14, 2023

Invoicing is an essential part of an enterprise handling client orders for particular products. The strategies for payment, issues and invoices retention depend upon an Invoice policy. An organization can set invoices primarily based totally on ordered or introduced portions of an item. Most businesses face trouble in coping with a huge dependence on invoices. By jogging the Odoo ERP software program for your system, it’s miles workable to method bill regulations efficiently. The depend on invoicing from a profits order is managed fast using the invoice feature in Odoo 16 Sales.

Invoice Policy feature in Odoo 16 Sales

Before placing a bill coverage for a product, you need to set off it from Settings. You can gain the Invoice Policy alternative to the Invoicing phase to make invoices from income orders. Invoicing coverage technique is assessed as an Invoice for what’s ordered and an Invoice for what’s delivered. After confirming an income order, the purchaser can bill it after activating the Invoice what’s the order of choice under the Invoicing Policy as described below in the screenshot under.


Enabling the Invoice that’s brought alternative assists in bill clients after finishing the delivery. It focuses on business that sells liquids, items, or food in huge quantities.

How we can Apply an Invoice Policy for Ordered and Delivered Quantities in Odoo 16?

For placing invoices for ordered quantities, spark off the Invoice that’s ordered option under the Invoicing phase within side the Settings window and click on the SAVE icon.

Next, we can set the ordered Invoice whilst developing a brand-new product. Choose the Products menu withinside the Products tab, and information on all designed gadgets is viewable to the user. Click the CREATE icon withinside the Products window to set a billing policy, as depicted in the screenshot below.

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Apply the object call as Dinning Room Chair withinside the Product Name subject and add the picture at the proper end. Users can mark the product as a fave by clicking on the star icon, as tested within side the screenshot below.

Below the General Information tab, the consumer can set the product kind within the Product Type field. Choose the Product Type Storable that manages your inventory as distinct withinside the screenshot below.

The Invoicing Policy of merchandise is primarily based totally on Ordered portions and Delivered Quantities. You can pick the Ordered Quantities alternative withinside the Invoicing Policy subject for Dining Room Chair, as noted in the screenshot below.

We can invoice the ordered quantities of products earlier than the delivery. Specify the cost of products within the Sales Price, and details are saved manually.

Also, we will increase some other products with a bill coverage of added quantities. Enter the Product Name as Acoustic Bloc monitors and upload the image.
Set the Product Type as Storable product beneath the General Information tab. Afterward, select the Delivered portions alternative inside the Invoice Policy field.

The invoice quantities are brought to the customer after selecting the Delivered quantities option. Later, apply the Sales Price for the product, and the info stored manually in Odoo 16.

Now, let’s develop a Sales order for the Dinning room Chair and Acoustic Bloc screens to test the invoice status. In the Sales Orders window, click on the CREATE button to generate a brand-new order, as described in the screenshot below.

On the new page, pick out your customer and set the validity day in the Expiration field. Input the introduction date in the Quotation alternative and set the price.

After including the essential data of the customer, select your product by pressing the Add a product option. You want to select the created item Dinning Room Chair and Acoustic Bloc screens below the Order Lines tab, as stated in the screenshot underneath.

Select the SAVE button withinside the Sales Orders window after specifying the product information. Click the CONFIRM icon to validate your Sales order for Dinning room chair.

The stage was modified from QUOTATION to SALES ORDER after confirmation. We can increase invoices by clicking on the CREATE INVOICE icon in the Sales Orders window, as stated in the screenshot below.
It is feasible to generate an invoice as a draft for the sales order. We can expand invoices as Regular invoices, Down Payments via Fixed Amounts and Percentages. Select the Regular Odoo Invoice alternative within the Create Invoice discipline and click on the CREATE AND VIEW INVOICE button.

A draft bill is created after clicking on CREATE AND VIEW INVOICE icon. Below the Invoice Lines tab inside the draft window, you may handiest accumulate the information about the Dining Room Chair.

We have already brought products, Acoustic Bloc displays and Dinning Room chairs, to the Sales order. But, as soon as the Invoice is created, we are able to simplest see Dinning Room Chair product. We set the ordered portions bill coverage for Dining Room Chair. That way the client is invoiced as soon as the sale order is confirmed. Select the CONFIRM icon withinside the Draft Invoice window to bill the product Dining Room. With Acoustic Bloc displays beneath the introduced quantities, It isn’t introduced to the customer, and is now no longer viable to invoice. It will bill as soon as the transport is done. So, click on the Delivery clever button withinside the Sales Orders window.


In the brand new window, click on the EDIT icon and alternate the introduced portions underneath the Done Title in the Operations tab.

After saving the information manually, pick the VALIDATE icon to method the delivery. After clicking on the VALIDATE icon, the person can view that the READY level changed to DONE, as referred to withinside the screenshot.


So, the transport of each merchandise is finished now. In the Sales orders window, you may see that one amount of Acoustic Bloc monitors is delivered, and the CREATE INVOICE icon is highlighted once more to make the Invoice.


In Create Invoice window, click CREATE AND VIEW INVOICE after choosing the Regular Invoice option.


Now, In the Invoice for Acoustic Bloc screens is planned, click CONFIRM button


So, we completed the invoice process for Acoustic Bloc screens. In the Sale Orders window, we can see that both products are invoiced.

products-are-invoicedHence, it is simple to manage the invoicing policy for products in Odoo 16.

Managing invoices for ordered and delivered product quantities is easy using the Odoo 16 Sales module. You can also separately apply invoices within a sales order for commodities.


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