How to Use JSON-RPC in Odoo 17

June 28, 2024

Understanding Remote Procedure Calls (RPC) is essential in the dynamic field of Odoo development. There have been significant changes since Odoo 17, particularly with the phase-out of rpc. query and ajax.json rpc.The most recent techniques will be examined in this blog, with a focus on JSON-RPC and the RPC service. Find out why these changes have been made, how to use them, and which situations make them superior to their antiquated counterparts.

Understanding JSON-RPC

JavaScript Object Notation Remote Procedure Call, or JSON-RPC, is a simple data-interchange format that is simple for computers to understand and produce as well as for people to read and write. It now takes centre stage as the recommended way to handle RPC calls in Odoo 17.


JSON-RPC is flexible and interoperable because it offers a standardised format for requests and data. JSON-RPC, in contrast to ajax.json rpc, is intended to provide a more streamlined and uniform method of managing requests for remote procedures.

How to Use JSON-RPC in Odoo 17: A Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Import Necessary Modules:

To use JSON-RPC in Odoo 17, make sure you import the necessary modules. As an example:

  • Implement JSON-RPC in Your Controller:

To use JSON-RPC, define a new controller or update an existing one. Here’s an easy example:

  • Invoke the RPC Call:

Use JSON-RPC format to make RPC calls from your client-side code. Using JavaScript and jQuery, for example:



Js JSON-RPC code:

Rendering template code:


Embracing the RPC Service in Odoo 17:

Odoo 17 adds the RPC service as an effective tool for managing remote procedure calls in addition to JSON-RPC. This service streamlines the procedure and offers a quick and effective fix.

Consistency and Standardization:

Because JSON-RPC follows a well-defined standard, your remote procedure calls will always have the same format.

Improved Readability:

The human-readable format of JSON-RPC facilitates comprehension and debugging, thereby augmenting the overall development experience.

Enhanced Interoperability:

The architecture of JSON-RPC ensures seamless integration by fostering improved interoperability across various platforms and systems.

Odoo 17 users need to adjust to contemporary practices in this new era of development. Handling remote procedure calls can be done more neatly, consistently, and effectively with JSON-RPC and the RPC service. Accept these modifications, wave goodbye to outdated techniques, and take your Odoo development to new heights.

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