Odoo 16 Implementation

April 19, 2022

Whether to transform a business to embrace success or to travel on the much-trodden path of gaining no momentum in the business is the choice of the investor. But our suggestion would always be to go chase the changes and conquer the world.

Odoo is the best ERP provider in the world that has been trying hard to manage all your operations in the easiest possible way. Also, Odoo 16 implementation has always been to provide the most efficient platform for performing all business operations, from human resources management to manufacturing and sales operations.

Odoo has touched the peak in a short period with frequent upgrades and improvisations in the features and functionalities. Every year, Odoo releases a new version to help the clients to make use of every new development in the software world to support the developments in the industry. The soon-to-be-released version of Odoo, Odoo 16, is the most sophisticated ERP platform for business ventures.  

Odoo 16 Implementation, however, follows the same steps. A smooth-run process, and Odoo 16 Implementation, can be completed faster and more efficiently by following a few steps. With over 6 million Odoo users across the globe, Odoo always strives to simplify the implementation process and work to help small, medium, and large organizations alike.

Developer communities can improve and change an Open Source ERP solution that has been the best choice for industries across the globe. Unlike other proprietary ERP solutions, thousands of community developers regularly work to enhance the features of Odoo, making it the fool-proof ERP solution for many industries.

Proper Odoo Implementation helps the business to grow and touch the sky. Any lapse in following the Odoo 16 implementation steps could hamper the result of the implementation.

Odoo Implementation can be completed in a few steps.

Business Review

In the first phase of Odoo ERP Implementation, the business review helps the business to understand the business environment and identify the pros and cons of the existing mode of operation. The business review process helps us to gather information about the company and the review of the company from the users.

The real phases of Odoo Implementation begin after Business Review. The Key steps of implementation are:

1. ROI Analysis/ GAP Analysis

2. Kick-Off

3. Implementation

4. Go Live

5. Second Deployment

ROI Analysis/ GAP Analysis

ROI Analysis takes 10 percent of the total implementation time. It is a systematic process that prepares the budget and develops a detailed implementation plan.

The GAP analysis is a significant process that may take a few hours to 30 days to complete. The time required for the process varies based on the type of project. GAP is important for large projects but not significant for small projects. Projects which take less than four months to complete are termed small projects. GAP or ROI Analysis will fall under the Kick-off phase in small projects.

GAP analysis helps the customers to understand the specifications of the ERP too easily. It helps them clear their doubts about the feasibility and assess the performance and efficiency of the project leader. This phase helps the client to prepare a detailed plan and understand the budget requirement.

GAP analysis is not a single-step process. It has five steps, including the meeting with the stakeholders, meeting with key departments, documentation of the GAP analysis process, review of the peer group, and presentation of the GAP analysis result. As the name shows, ROI, or Return of Investment, helps the business assess return.

 Project Kick-Off

A phase when the project begins, the Kick-off phase is a significant phase in Odoo 16 implementation. To begin the project, we have to get the people on board, and this phase is called the Project Kick-Off stage.

Project kick-off is a small but prominent step that consumes only 5 percent of the total implementation time. At this phase, we can align the stakeholders on methods and offer efficient training to the stakeholders.

The transformation of a business begins with the kick-off stage. The success of the implementation can be guaranteed if we can kick-start the project. The business and the implementation partners together complete the project implementation plan at the kick-off stage.

The users can tackle every issue directly and complete the negotiation and other discussions. The project deadline and proper training for the employees begin at this stage of the implementation. The efficient completion of this phase helps you meet customer expectations by setting the deadline. The client also gets a comprehensive narration about the whole process at this stage. 


  • The most important phase of Odoo Implementation, this phase consumes 80 percent of the total time required for the completion of the implementation. Different stages of implementation are,


  • After the kick-off of the project, the team customizes the tools and configures the ERP tools or apps. Proper training for the users is also part of the configuration.

Data import:

  • Data migration from the existing software to Odoo 16 is called data import. A team of users decides the files to be migrated in consultation with the implementation team. The priority at this stage will be to migrate optimal data. The implementation team will focus on importing master data and avoiding the complete history to save money and time.

Specific Development

  • At this stage, the team decides on the integration and other technical activities. All features and functionalities are configurede and developed at this stage. The implementation team also tests the features and validates the process.

Validation and End-Users Training

  • The technical team will validate the activities and offer proper training to the end-users on completing the implementation process.

Go- Live

  • Once the implementation is over, it is time to switch on the process. The Go-Live stage will consume 5% of the total implementation time.

At this stage, the key users should test the entire database to ensure the proper flow of the business. We also have to ensure that the end-users are well aware of the usage. A refresher course is suggested if is conducted the training many months before the implementation.

Second Deployment

This is the stage after a month of implementation. At this phase, the Odoo Implementer and key users review the whole process, list out additional activities and complete the activities based on the feedback of the users. This stage helps to add custom features.

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