March 4, 2022

Tasty food, great ambiance, good chefs, well maintained and clean place, customer-friendly management. Is that all you need to successfully run a restaurant ??? 

Well, in today’s scenario, the answer to the above question would be a NO !! Apart from the above, one of the most important aspects of a successful and established restaurant would be a good ERP software that will help simplify all the functional and management-level operations to a great extent.

For restaurants or any retail shop, good Odoo Point Of Sale Software is required for proper operations and sustainable development of the business. But do you know that even though restaurants and retail shops are considered Point Of Sale (PoS), there are many differences in their overall functioning, which eventually causes a need for different Point Of Sale Software for both cases. 

Restaurants or hotels have specific needs that most retail shops don’t have. Odoo Point of Sale is such a software wherein it provides an inbuilt feature to configure the software separately for the operations of a restaurant or a shop which eventually will help to manage the businesses in the best possible way.

In this article, we will look into the latest restaurant features that are available in Odoo Point of Sale software.


In Order to activate the bar/restaurant features in Odoo PoS, go to 

Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale → Select PoS → Select Is a Bar/Restaurant


Restaurant-specific features are shown with a fork and a knife next to it.

Odoo PoS

1. Table Management

Odoo PoS for restaurants will help you get a quick overview of your floors and tables. It will easily help you find your customers and free tables available on each floor.

a. Add Floors

You can create floors, add tables on each floor, and name them according to your specific requirements.

ODOO Table Management

ODOO 15 Table Management

b. Add Tables

You can easily create, change, move tables, etc., directly from the PoS interface.

Add Tables

You can also rename, and change the shape, size, or even color of your tables which will help you find your tables more easily. Here you can also add the maximum number of sites that each table can have.

c. Register your table orders

To register a table in order, just click on the respective table, and you will be taken to the main PoS interface, where you can enter the orders.

Register your table orders

d. Transfer Customers

There is no need to worry if your customers want to change their tables after ordering. Thanks to Odoo, this can be easily done with a button click with no hassle. The orders also get transferred to the new table.

transfer Customers

odoo transfer Customers

e. Register an additional Order

You can simultaneously manage multiple orders using the ‘+’ button. You can easily shift between your orders and process the payment when needed.

Register an additional Order

2. Bill-splitting Option

Offering an option for bill-splitting will definitely enhance your customer’s experience. Odoo provides an easy solution to achieve this.

You can activate this feature by going to –

Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale → Select PoS → Select Bill Splitting

Bill-splitting Option

A ‘Split’ button will then appear on your PoS interface.

PoS interface

With this option, you will select what each guest had and process the payment separately for each guest.

odoo PoS interface

3. Bill Printing

This feature will allow you to print the bill before the payment.

Then You can activate this feature by going to –

Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale → Select PoS → Select Bill Printing

Bill Printing

A ‘Bill’ button will appear on your PoS interface, which can then be used for printing the bill before payment.

odoo Bill Printing

4. Print orders in the kitchen

The workflow between the front-end or reception and the back-end or kitchen can be well organized if the orders taken on the POS interface get directly printed in the kitchen. Thanks to Odoo, this feature can be made available if you have an IoT Box to connect your Printer to the PoS.

You can activate this feature by going to –

Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale → Select PoS → Select Order Printers

Print orders at the kitchen

a. Add a Printer

Add a Printer

An ‘Order’ button will appear on your PoS interface, which can then be used for printing the order on your kitchen printer.

odoo Add a Printer

5. Tip 

Integrating a ‘Tip’ with customer payment will be immensely helpful for a restaurant.

No wonder, Odoo has the feature to accept customer tips or convert their changes to tips.

You can activate this feature by going to –

Point of Sale → Configuration → Point of Sale → Select PoS → Select Tips and Tip Product

Odoo feature to accept customer tips

A ‘Tip’ button will appear on your PoS interface, which can then enter the amount your customer wants to tip and then process the payment.

odoo 15

6. Add notes 

We can enable the ‘Add Notes’ feature to let the server add notes to the order lines. This will help add special instructions and notes from the customer pertaining to order items. 

odoo pos Add notes

So from floor and table management, bill splitting, and printing orders from the kitchen to managing customer preferences or tips, Odoo provides a complete ERP solution for the smooth and efficient functioning of a restaurant which will help your business to shine.

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