Leave Management in Odoo 15

December 15, 2021

Leave Management 

Leave management is one of the major areas in any organization. The term A leave management system, also known as time off management, is a process within an organization that governs how the leave is requested by employees and approved by managers and how it is tracked for payroll and other HR-related purposes. It involves bringing the request to the attention of multiple decision-makers, informing payroll, and communicating with employee attendance records and organizational policies for time off and leave. The HR department is responsible for a large part of this task. 

Controlling leave management without a leave management system is a very challenging part. Even though you’re equipped with tools like paper forms, emails, excel sheets, etc., it will be messy around. 

The employees still run behind their managers with leave forms to get approval at several companies. On the other hand, managers rush around with paper and excel sheets to figure out the balance leaves.


The majority of companies or employers need to keep their employees at work all time. But the employee needs rest; otherwise, it leads to an unproductive one. So for managing those, there comes the role of Leave Management, which contains the employee time-off request accurately and efficiently.

An employee’s leave may be planned or unplanned, and the employees will avail themselves of the leave allotted to them. Leave is vital as his salary and other things in HR. We must track it without misunderstanding between the employee, HR, or manager. It will always automate or synchronize here Leave with attendance management and payroll management. Both management is dependent on the leave management.

Benefits of Leave Management System in Odoo 15

The Leave Management in Odoo 15 is easier for the end-user when compared with other ERP or Leave management systems. With Odoo’s leave management software, the front-end user can configure the approval level and set up different leave types. This will boost up or faster than the HR department. In Odoo, the leave request is an automated process manner, making it hassle-free for both the management and the employees. Also, the approvals are very configurable for the HR or Manager.

  1. All-in-one Dashboard
  2. Better employee engagement and satisfaction
  3. Best integration of the policies
  4. Providing employees with the ability to plan their lives in advance
  5. Awareness about the Leave Policy
  6. Integration with Payroll Module
  7. Proper leave and holiday planning
  8. Customizable Approval Workflow
  9. Eliminates paperwork
  10. Removes manual interventions
  11. Improves communication
  12. Offers real-time visibility of data



odoo 15 dashboard

In order to demonstrate the performance of a business, dashboards are invaluable. Dashboard in Odoo 15 provides you with a clear view of your time off. It provides different views of employees and the manager. Employees and managers can view the information in different ways.

Leave Types

odoo 15 Leave Types

By using Leave Management in Odoo 15, one can easily create and track different types of leaves in their organization. In Odoo, one can specify how the approval of this leave type should take, how the allocation request takes, and many more. You can easily track leave allocations against this leave type and employees who have requested /taken this specific leave type.

Leave Allocation

odoo 15 Leave Allocation

Odoo leaves allocation feature allows you to assign an Employee a specific number of leave days of a particular leave type. It is possible to allow different leaves to a specific employee. You can assign various types of leaves to several leaves. Odoo manages leaves for a period and can also grant leaves for a specific category of employees.

Leave Request

odoo 15 leave request

By using the Odoo Time-Off module, it is possible to apply for leave in a matter of seconds. You can specify the type of leave, the leave duration, and its description.

Allocation Request

odoo 15 Allocation Request

Odoo offers employee leave allocation requests. When an employee needs special permission to avail of leave, the allocation request feature can come in handy. This feature can be used for employee leave requests that require special permission.



As part of its reporting functionality, Odoo provides analysis based on Employee and Time-off types. Analysis of the leaves is easy with Odoo reporting.

With Leave Management in Odoo 15, users have access to a time off module, which allows them to run their employees’ time off more efficiently.

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