Managing products with Odoo15 PLM 

July 7, 2022

The main functionalities of a manufacturing business are to manage the lifecycle of a product from its inception to its delivery. Let’s check how Odoo 15 managing products. By recording all product-related data in the unified system as Odoo–manufacturers have access to the multiple versions of their products at any point in time. The data can also be given to different departments to facilitate financial planning. Above all, Odoo PLM will maintain BOM & track the product life cycle based on engineering change orders. 

Managing products

  • The Odoo PLM feature could manage the entire product data, maintain a bill of materials (BOM) revisions and record the product lifecycle based on the engineering change orders and product files. 
  • Odoo PLM optimizes enterprise social networks to support you to communicate efficiently with Various departments of your organization. So, These enable that easy permission and real-time discussions in the files.

Odoo PLM benefits: 

  • By Using the Odoo PLM software we can absolutely manage their product workflows, monitor routine on-site/off-site activities, and maintain a bill of materials (BOMs). 
  • Below are the key features and benefits of Odoo PLM that make it an ideal solution for product lifecycle management.  

Odoo15 PLM will help to create ECO to do:  

  • Create BOM revisions. 
  • Add MO route revisions. 
  • Then change the BOM component attachment. 
  • Generate multi-level permission from higher management for the revision (BOM or Route) before creating changes in MO
  • Manage the BOM and routing versions.

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1. Configured ECO Type

2. Configured ECO Stages 

There are four stages that you could use to configure over one approval.
  • New: To create new engineering change orders.
  • In progress: The ECOs are in the procedure. 
  • Validate: As per configured the stages that would be the final stage to apply changes based on ECO apply on selection.
  • Effective: they used This stage for confirmed ECOs. Here one can apply changes and it would mark this stage as the last stage in the stage settings. After that, select allow applying changes for applying ECO changes in Odoo PLM ap.

3. Generate Engineering Change Order (ECO) 

Select ECO type and give based on that column. Once the record is created click on the “Start New Revision” button for the upcoming procedures.

4. Update BOM 

You could even update your BOM using the Update BOM button. Once you saved it, it would reflect on the ECO form.
After getting approval, the user can apply the corresponding changes.

  • The effective stage will be the last stage. After getting approval, you could drag the ECO to the last stage and request the corresponding changes.
  • Companies with an ERP system will usually need to organize their most important business unit–the product record. However, When aligned, ERP and PLM systems can give business leaders complete control over their manufacturing processes. 
  • Building your manufacturing process with an effective PLM system like Odoo PLM will minimize organizational inefficiencies and transition costs. Above all, This can also drastically help to utilise the capabilities of each system across the entire business.
  •  There are a few Odoo apps available for manufacturing businesses like Odoo PLM, Odoo MRP, Odoo Quality management, etc. 

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