April 23, 2022

After manufacturing tracking at commercial enterprise establishments is vital to the institution’s development. Managing the Manufacturing zone inside an organisation can assist in fee discounts and expanded commercial enterprise efficiency. The Odoo 15 Manufacturing module is an effective device that lets you organise an overview of production processes. Odoo is providing the best ERP solutions for manufacturing and a bill of materials.

The Odoo 15 Manufacturing module comprises state-of-the-art equipment and capabilities to enhance the producing sectors and management’s efficiency. To make certain a continuous production operation, you could completely use all of those advantages. All the production approaches are integrated into Odoo’s production module, that’s saved easy and current in an equal time.


  • The Bill of Materials is a listing of all the matters which are had to make your very last product. The listing is the maximum crucial element to configure in Odoo. You have to first specify the ceased product, and the substances required for the product to be made earlier than configuring the Bill of materials. To configure this, visit the Product tab at the Manufacturing modules dashboard and pick Bill of Materials from the drop-down menu, as proven below.

  • Click on it to visit the Bill of the Materials page. From the page, the Create button will assist you to create, as proven below.

Configure the new Bill of Materials.

  • The create button will provide you with a configuration tab as proven under to configure the new Bill of Materials.

  • We may accomplish the configurations from here. However, enter it then; if it isn’t, you could produce it then, if the product is previously created for your pressure module and Odoo recognises it. Choose to make a listing of merchandise if the product has previously been created.
  • You can also additionally observe and use invoices of cloth for product variations in Odoo. However, outline it by clicking the Product variation button. If your invoice of most effective applies to at least one product variation. We can produce many versions for every element.
  • Also, expand a product if it isn’t always to be had or hasn’t been made yet. Elect the Produce and alter choice from the product area, as proven below.

Configure the New product

  • The create and edit button will take you to a configuration web page to configure the New product as proven below. Note that the created product can be had on your inventory module.

  • The superior configuration runner may configure the new product in depth. You can configure each factor of the product from then. The configurations at the product can be carried out throughout too for positive functions associated with product operation to work.
  • Enter the call of the Product and select from the 4 alternatives to outline the product that Can be Vended, Can be Bought, recreated, and Can be Rented. Also, you may give well-known portions of records of the product to outline its nature. You can configure the attributes and variations of the product. You can configure the Deals, Inventory, and counting features of the product by going via the separate tabs as proven over.
  • After finishing the configuration, click on the shop button to shop the new product and it’ll be to be had for you at the Bill of Accoutrements runner. After growing the very last product, you may select the location of the extent wherein the product desires to be manufactured.

Outline the form of a Bill of Material

  • After that, you may outline the form of a Bill of Material or Bill of Material from the 3 alternatives Manufacture this product, Tackle, and Subcontracting as proven below.

  • You can spot them from the options. If you’ve got named Manufacture additionally the product is ready for manufacturing. The Tackle alternative will help you solve a product into its introductory elements both on the producing order or on the advent of an inventory transfer.
  • The subcontracting alternative will assist you in picking out the subcontractors. Note that you need to allow the subcontracting Option from the settings tab to mileage the Subcontracting alternative. Go to Settings below the Configurations tab from the dashboard of the producing module to spark the alternative. The alternative could be to be had below the operations segment, as proven below.
  • point out which you must allow the subcontracting alternative inside the settings

  • Click on the choice subcontracting choice to set off it.

 Configure the elements wished for the production of the product.

  • For including the elements that had to manufacture, beneath neath the Components tab click on the Add a line button to feature the elements as burdened below.

  • A new discipline will open up as proven beneath to feature the additives as proven beneath.

  • You can upload the product from the listing proven above. If the elements are new and the feature isn’t been created but kind, the call of the detail and you’ll receive a Produce and Edit button as cited earlier to provide and upload the product for your force. We may add this detail to be had to you to provide the very last product. Note that the configuration processes and the tab may be like the product configuration tab as cited earlier. You can set the Route from the Inventory tab beneath neath the configuration runner.
  • After including the elements click on the Operations tab to feature the operations line as proven below.

Configuring operations

  • Configuring operations is essential for powerful product operation otherwise, at some stage in the production order, medicinal drug detail merchandise might be missing. There are methods to feature operations; you could upload a new line or dupe from being operations.
  • Click on Add a line alternative in case you need to feature a new operation. Odoo will come up with a configuration tab to configure the Operation as proven below.

  • This is the design space for arranging the tasks. Name the activity in the space close to the activity and pick your desired work and the item to be gathered or produced. You can likewise apply it to the variations. You can set the calculation span with the Duration calculation choice as displayed previously. Then we can set the span to programmed which really figures in view of the followed time or set it physically. Then the designs, you can transfer the WorkSheet into three configurations: PDF, Google Slide, and Text.
  • This snap on the Save and Close button to save the arranged Operation. If you need to Copy a current Operation, then click on the Copy Existing Operations as displayed underneath.

  • Then a rundown of items with existing operations will be recorded for you to look over as displayed beneath.

  • Next, click on the checkbox close to the activities as displayed underneath.

Duplicate the Operations

  • Then, click on the Copy chosen activities after choosing the expected tasks to duplicate the Operations. The duplicated activities will be consequently added to the Operation segments displayed underneath.

  • After adding the part, select the amount and the Product unit of measure to characterize the absolute amount of one part to make the item. After this, click on the Miscellaneous tab for additional setups as displayed underneath.

  • There are many choices accessible under the various segments as displayed previously. You can characterize when to fabricate from here. There are two choices accessible here: when you for the parts are free or when parts for the activity are free. Pick between the choices to characterize the assembling preparation. Select the Operation that you have previously given and the Analytic record starting from the drop choices.

Creating a manufacturing order

The Manufacturing module permits you to restrict the utilization of the parts. You can be Allowed, allow with advance notice, or blocked. Look over the three choices regarding your strategies. After the design, use the save button to save the item.

Making an assembling request.

  • Make another assembling request from the dashboard of the assembling module by going to the Operations tab and tapping on the Manufacturing request choices, starting from the drop choices as displayed underneath

Design and make an assembling request

  • A page will open up with the rundown of assembling orders. Click on the make button from here to design and make an assembling request as displayed beneath. Another design page will open up as displayed beneath to make the assembling request as displayed underneath.

  • It consequently added the Components concerning the item that you have picked. You need to ensure that operations are designed appropriately however referenced before as it seems to be important for an effective item on the board or probably it could make you lose the parts from the Manufacturing request. You can plan the date or design the date and time by tapping on the Scheduled date choice. The mindful individual who is allotted for submitting the request can likewise be changed. After the setups and settings, use the save button to save the design as Draft.
  • Saved in Draft, you can go through the request again for additional arrangements or survey.
  • Snap on the Confirm button to move to the following stage as displayed beneath.

  • From this segment, it will be told that on the off chance that any of the fundamental parts are not accessible or isn’t available. Under the Component status, they will show it as Not Available as displayed previously. You can either sit tight for the part or scrap it. See the Work request for the work request tab as displayed underneath.

  • After getting the expected parts, you can begin the cycle by tapping on the Start button. Also, the field will change to the booked date, expected time, and continuous as displayed underneath.

You can see that the Stage has changed from affirmation to In Progress as displayed previously.

  • After it did the Work the Mark as Done fasten will show up, click on it as given underneath to continue to the following stage from the To Close stage

  • The last page in the process will open up as displayed beneath.

  • You can have definite reports on transfers, discernability, product moves in a stock, and cost investigation. Click on the Cost investigation tab to dissect the expense and plan the future assembling of the item as likewise as given underneath.

See a definite investigation of the expenses at each progression of the assembling method from here.

  • The assembling module of Odoo is exceptionally complex and takes care of each part of the assembling area business or any foundation. With the backing of the Odoo 15 Manufacturing module, you can get the most developed help for creating the greatest productivity in assembling the executives. With the backing of the high-level expense examination element of the assembling module, you can process the expense that a specific item took at each stage to get produced.
  • This permits you to design future items fabricating proficiently. With the simple to-used connection point of the module, you can productively deal with any measure of assembling at the same time and easily with practically no messiness. It profoundly incorporated the module with the stock module of Odoo. This permits you to have direct admittance to items from your stock with no clusters permitting you to productively design the assembling methods proficiently, fully backed by the constant stock information.

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