Merge Same Products in Odoo 15 POS

September 24, 2022

Retail operations of the industry are quick because many clients order different products. The chances of mistakes are broad because of the firm’s quick operations, and finance needs to take care of monetary dealings. A smaller change in orders decreases the customer pleasure for your company’s products. Advanced POS software helps to tackle problems and speed manage stock operations of an industry. You can run good retail processes by running an Odoo into your system. The POS module of Odoo version 15 centralizes a firm’s inventory, eCommerce, and retail process at a less cost.

This content gives a design about combining the same products using the Odoo version 15 POS module.

One of the tools for boosting retail sales is the Odoo version 15 Point of Sale module. It is consolidated with Accounting, and Inventory modules and reliably improves your industry’s operations. A direct interface for your business is as long as through the advanced features in Odoo version 15 POS.

Dashboard in Odoo 15 POS

The client can approach the bunch of all retail sale shops or companies in the dashboard of the POS Module. We can start a new session inside a particular POS by clicking on the NEW SESSION button, as shown below.

new-session-button,We can handle other processes inside the POS, like orders, sessions, and settings, by clicking on a points button. After selecting the Settings button, it is simply to handle the point of Sale User Interface, Payments, Pricing, Invoicing, and so forth.

Let’s consider a scenario in which the combining of the same products occurs in the POS session.

Sometimes, we can find the same products in the same quantities in the Point of Sale session. Select your POS session from the Odoo version 15. In the Point of Sale session, we can see 3 dissimilar products when the client selects a commodity 3 times, as represented below.


It feels like hesitancy during the reporting and accounting process of the company. We can easily do this operation through the Odoo version 15 POS session. Enable the Unit of Measure option inside the Settings window of Odoo version 15 Sales, as marked below.


We can buy and sell products using differential by enabling the UoM option. After activating this option, choose the SAVE button shown above. The client can access the Unit of Measure Categories menu under the UoM section of the Odoo version 15 Stock module. The bunch of UoM Categories is seeable before you, including details like a unit of Measure, the name of the Unit of Measure Category, and Group Products in Point of Sale as shown below.

Group-Products-in-odoo-15-posTo put together a new category, press the CREATE icon in UoM Categories.


The client can activate the Group Products in Point of Sale for a respective category in the Unit of measure categories window, and we can combine the products in the POS session by enabling your specific Unit of measure category. replace various products, all values are entered into one product by activating Group Products in Pint of Sale. Choose the category Unit from the categories window and choose the EDIT button as shown in the screenshot below.

group-commodities In the Unit category Interface, a shopper needs to enable the Group products in the Point of Sale option to group commodities in your Point of Sale session, as shown in the screenshot below.

group-commodities Under the UoM option, we can see the UoM for a particular category, as depicted in the top screenshot. after, click the SAVE icon to make an alternate in combining products in your Point of Sale session, as shown in the screenshot below.

make-alternate-in-combining-products Let’s move to the Odoo version 15 PoS window and select your PoS from the dashboard. Select the CONTINUE SELLING button inside the Shop section, as shown in the screenshot below.

continue-selling-buttonWe choose the Drinks position in the Session and select3 bottles. After choosing3 counts of water, you can see that the products are invisible in various manners. All are combined to make the order simple for clients, as shown in the screenshot below.

Odoo-15-pos-products-are-invisible-in-a-various-mannerHence, we can combine the same products easily within the Odoo version 15 Point of sale module.

To Manage Point of sale Product Categories and Attributes in the Odoo Version 15

The commodities are similar categories with the same features that came under the Point of Sale product categories. We can also direct the product categories operations in a retail company using the support of the Odoo version 15 Point of Sale module. Open the PoS Product Categories menu, and shows the entire product category list before the shopper, as shown in the screenshot below.

Open-the-odoo-15-PoS-Product-Categories-menu, Click the CREATE Button to create a new product category for your Point of Sale session. Let’s view how to create the product category Drinks inside a Point of Sale Product Category. Add your Category Names as Drinks and choose the Parent category as shown in the screenshot below.

odoo-15-pos-Parent-categoryAfter entering the product category information, select the SAVE button as in the top screenshot. The created product category is shown on the main Product Categories Interface as in the screenshot below.

Product-Categories-Interface Shoppers can also approach the product category from the Point of the Sale session window. By selecting the Point of Sale session of your shop, we can see the category Drinks as in the screenshot below.

odoo-15-pos-category-Drinks Product features, including length, shape, color, and more, are known as attributes. Most respective purchase commodities are based on attributes. We can also control product attributes using the Odoo POS module. Select the Attributes menu below the products area of the Configuration option, and the entire created information is seeable to you. You get the characteristics of each attribute one by one, like Display Type, and Variants Creation mode, Category, eCommerce Filter Visibility, as shown in the screenshot below.

By picking the CREATE button, we can compose a new attribute for the product. Hence, changing product categories and attributes in a POS session is very simple.

We can save more time using the advanced merging of similar products in the Odoo version 15 POS Module. It gives clarity to clients and users regarding retail operations. Customers can simply order one or more products inside a Point of Sale session and better the growth of the retail company.


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