Advantages of Migration to the Latest Version of Odoo ERP

August 8, 2022

Odoo Migration is a service that enables users to upgrade the existing ERP platform. Odoo migration is of two types. Either we can migrate from an existing Odoo version to a newer version of the Odoo or migrate from any other ERP to Odoo ERP. Both these migrations help the users get the benefits of Odoo ERP.

Now we are discussing Odoo migration for upgrading from an older version of Odoo to the latest Odoo. Odoo releases new versions every year to ensure updated functionalities to customers. Odoo 15 is the version currently in use, and Odoo 16 release is likely soon.

Migration of Odoo from an older version to the most recent version is a need for businesses who already use the Odoo ERP software. Odoo is one of the most popular ERP applications on the market including also newer features to Odoo. Small and medium-sized enterprises along with large enterprises benefit the most from Odoo ERP software because of the latest updates and fresh features.

Odoo releases a new version every year with new features and editions. Team Odoo considers the market demands and introduces new features every year. In every new version, Odoo introduces additional add-on functionality in a selected few modules and introduces new modules.

Which version of Odoo is the best suited for you is decided by analyzing your requirements. Some businesses may like to continue the use of older versions as they met well all their requirements with the version. Some other businesses prefer frequent upgrades or migration as they want to keep pace with the changing technologies.

Odoo Migration in Latest Version of Odoo ERP

With Odoo Migration the users can easily transfer data, and account details and even transfer functionalities from one version to a newer version. Odoo Customisation and Odoo migration will help the business grow. This newer version need not always be the latest version of Odoo. The version to which you plan migration is decided by analyzing your requirements and the functionalities also available in different Odoo versions.

Though Odoo is a user-friendly tool that an expert can well manage. The migration from one version to another requires help from an expert team as it might sometimes turn into a tricky affair. The migration process involves many steps and the users can also complete the process effortlessly with the help of a team like Bassam.


 Advantages of Odoo Migration 

Enhanced user experience

Odoo introduces new shortcuts, features, and functionalities during the release of every new version. Odoo 16 is about to release and Odoo 15 and 16 have more features compared to Odoo 13 or 14. The team also introduces an enhanced user experience during every new release. Thus, migrating to the latest versions ensures you an enhanced user experience.

Improved Performance

It released every new version after considering the setbacks of the previous versions. Thus, migrating to a new version ensures you a better experience and performance. The team deletes some poorly performing features and also introduces AI-assisted support in new versions.

Automated CRM

Odoo CRM is a popular CRM tool and the Odoo team pays much attention while releasing every new version of Odoo. Newer versions will help you easily get hold of the customer information and gain sales information with a click.

Development of Requirements

One advantage of upgrading to a newer version of Odoo is the ease with which you can create new requirements. Because of changes in procedures and operations, an older version sometimes may not meet all of your requirements. When migrating to the most recent version, you may easily create any major changes that you want to maintain in the new Odoo ERP version. You can also get rid of any functions that are no longer needed in your company. It’s critical to get down with your company’s main users and go over existing features, as well as identify any functions that are no longer needed.

Understanding the System

Odoo migration will help you upgrade your system and manage your tasks effortlessly. Existing Odoo users may be familiar with the functional parts of Odoo. Migration helps the users to get a quick grasp of the latest ERP features and functionalities. The migration team will analyze the functionalities you require for the smooth operation of your business and introduces the latest features.

Do you have to depend on the Odoo service provider who did the implementation of your first version? No, it is unnecessary. You can go for any Odoo partner capable of Odoo migration for completing the migration service.


With Odoo Migration is done by analyzing your future growth and expansion plans. This will help you understand the existing server capacity and the new features required for business operations soon.

Accelerate Operations

Migration to newer versions helps you speed up the operations. Every new version is released by improvising the codes this decreases the time required for completing different tasks. This improves the performance of your current ERP software.

Increased Technical Resources

The growth of Open ERP to Odoo and the release of many versions of Odoo has steadily increased the number of Odoo community supporters. If you plan to migrate to the latest version of Odoo, you are obviously getting better community support.

Why Choose Bassam?

Many enterprise modules for many industries. Odoo Modules such as point of sale, inventory, Odoo Manufacturing, human resource management, sales, marketing, etc are available for free on the internet and can adjust to meet specific business needs.

Bassam is one of the leading official Odoo partners and has successfully completed many Odoo implementation and migration projects for various industries. We have a team capable of extending your complete support for managing many operations. We provide all Odoo services and supports that an official Odoo partner provides.

You can choose Bassam for Odoo migration as our team is well aware of all the industries and industry requirements. We can suggest the best version of Odoo suitable for your business.

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