Multilevel Purchase Order Approval in Odoo

August 23, 2023

By designing a system that requires multiple levels of approval for orders above a predetermined minimum value, the Double Validation or Multilevel Approval feature in Odoo improves the workflow for purchase orders. This ensures that the appropriate managers carefully examine and approve purchase decisions This feature encourages accountability and openness in the procurement process. By implementing double validation, Odoo gives businesses the ability to set up a strong control system. Thus it lower the danger of unauthorized or incorrect transactions. Businesses can use this capacity to enforce stronger financial discipline and compliance standards, protecting their financial resources and reducing the risk of fraud. Additionally, by reducing the approval procedure, this feature boosts efficiency and permits greater collaboration amongst stakeholders involved in purchase order approval for odoo management, ultimately resulting in more efficient operations and better overall procurement.

Purchases → Configurations → Settings → Orders → Purchase Order Approval

Purchase Order Creation


Now create a purchase order using a demo user account that exceeds the manager or admin user-set limit.


The amount in our RFQ has been exceeded, so it will move on to the approval stage.


Now, the system will send requests for approval to the manager or administrator for their consideration and approval. Acceptance Stage.

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Once the manager’s or administrator’s approval is granted, you can observe in the demo user account that it has indeed been approved. The subsequent steps will then follow the same process as regular purchases.


Multilayer Purchase Approval Functionality In Odoo

In conclusion, businesses have a strong control mechanism and increased transparency in the procurement process. Offering Thanks to the deployment of the multilayer functionality for purchase order approval in Odoo. Organizations can avoid making unauthorized or incorrect purchases by mandating multiple layers of permission for orders. These orders are greater than a predetermined minimum amount. This maintains financial discipline and compliance. By streamlining the approval procedure, this feature encourages collaboration and efficiency among stakeholders. I advise investigating the Odoo Free Online Demo, where you can obtain comprehensive information and have a hands-on

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