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Multiple Invoice Payment in Odoo – Register grouped or ungrouped partial payments against multiple invoices/bills

September 29, 2021

Invoice management is a significant operation in a business. A software application to manage invoices helps accurate data processing and fast processing of invoices. The sales operation becomes faster and more accurate with an invoice management tool, and the tool ensures quick approval for payment. 

An efficient software solution can save time and money by ensuring effortless invoice generation and approval management. To witness a sudden change in invoice management, use an easy to use invoice solution. A well-designed tool will help the user to get real-time insights into invoice generation. We can ensure secure cloud encryption of data with a reliable tool. 

Generating an invoice is essential for the smooth sale operation in a business. A professional invoice helps the business venture to convince the customer about the charges included in the product price. Invoice generation and payment management are essential for proper transaction management. Ensure 100 per cent secure and quick data handling support by installing an ERP tool designed by an efficient tool to manage invoices.

Multiple Invoice Payment Management with Odoo

Odoo Accounting module has been designed to manage invoices and register payment. Being the most popular ERP tool, Odoo has a well-designed Accounting module. The tool automates the generation of customer invoices, and the user can create draft invoices and send invoices to the customers. 

Odoo features allow us to add customer details, delivery address, payment due date and payment terms in the invoice, making communication complete and more effective.

Odoo invoicing helps the user to create invoices from multiple sources like delivery orders and sales orders. It is also possible to link bank accounts with the applications to track invoices and payments. 

Invoicing Features in Odoo Accounting

Customer Invoice Creation

Odoo ERP supports the creation and management of professional invoices. The speed track invoice generation ensures proper and timely communication between the seller and the customer.

Issuance of refund

Odoo invoices can include all terms and conditions regarding reimbursement policies and ensure reimbursement management with the help of credit notes.

Customer payment

Odoo permits batch deposits and payments and helps to use a single interface to manage different operations.

Payment monitoring

The Accounting module and invoice management support system auto-monitors the vendor bill details while preparing the invoices for payment.


Recurring invoice management

Recurring business deals will need the generation of recurring invoices. With Odoo support, we can take contact specifications into account while issuing invoices for recurring sale operations.

Link payment with bank accounts

Invoice management can be completed manually or with the help of batch payment using Odoo. We can import bank statements into the system to synchronise bank account details. 

Batch payment

Odoo Accounting module allows the selection and payment of multiple vendor bills along with multiple-customer invoice payments.

Multiple Invoice Management

Want to issue more than one invoice for a single transaction? Then it is better to go for a multiple invoices generating tool. The multiple invoice management tool helps a user manage the payments received from a single customer for different invoices. 

Odoo provides the users with a registered payment option to manage multiple invoices or bills. The user can manage this by registering grouped or ungrouped partial payments. Here, the user can make the payment against multiple invoices and bills. 

Multiple Invoice Payment in Odoo

Odoo Accounting supports multiple invoice management and workflow management. This feature helps us to choose between a single invoice and multiple invoices. The process can be done efficiently by adding discounts. 

With Odoo, we can duplicate the invoices for multiple customers. Make invoice payment a simpler and faster process by registering invoices together. 

In the same way, the users can manage the journal entries and ensure systematic methods for bookkeeping with the help of the Odoo Invoice Management mechanism. Once an invoice is selected and confirmed, we can either send the invoice through email or take a printout of the same and deliver it to the customer. If the invoice is not confirmed, then the invoice will remain in the draft invoices. 

After confirmation, we can register payment for a single invoice or multiple invoices. To select multiple invoices, we must select the invoices of our choice from the invoice list by enabling the check box. Then the action tab helps us to manage register payment. We can complete the process manually or through the batch deposit. After selecting the mode of payment, we can enable the create payment option. This process eases our task by quickly completing the multiple invoice payment. 

Bassam Infotech’s Multiple Invoice Payment App in Odoo

Odoo partners with source code can develop more sophisticated applications to suit all business operations. Multiple invoice payment management is a crucial exercise for a business venture. Bassam Infotech LLP has worked and developed a Multiple Invoice Payment App to ease the process and manage all types of multiple invoice payments. 

Apart from the features offered by the Odoo Accounting module, a designated app developed by Bassam Infotech LLP helps the users to manage all types of invoice payments effortlessly. The Odoo accounting module allows the user to register payment only for the whole amount. The Multiple Invoice Payment App by Bassam Infotech meanwhile supports the user to mention the exact amount to be paid against each selected invoice. 

This application helps the users to change the partner easily. This feature will enable the user to load open and unpaid invoices and bills to the lines. We can group the messages if we select only bills and invoices of the same partner. If the invoices of different partners or vendors are selected, then they cannot be grouped. 

Bassam Infotech’s Multiple Invoice Payment application helps to register grouped or ungrouped payments against multiple customer invoices. One of the most user-friendly applications available in the Odoo App store also supports the registration of grouped or ungrouped payments against multiple vendor bills.

In the same way, the App developed by Bassam Infotech supports the payment against multiple customer invoices. This application supports partial or full payment against multiple vendors’ bills and customer invoices. 

For more details about multiple invoice payments and Multiple Invoice Payment AppCall us on +91 88912 49995 or +91 70250 75566 email us at

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