New Features in Reports and Views – Using Odoo 15 Studio Module

April 11, 2022

With the Odoo Studio Module Views menu, you can create different Views for the applications menu. As a default, distinctive views will help bring more attraction and present relevant information about the various menus. Which will be extremely useful.

Views such as Form, Search, and Activity View can define the Views for the menus. Because of the Form View, we have the Title for the Form and the Buttons for adjusting the Form according to the operational needs. And the Print button will print the Form View directly from the Window in case the data needs to be printed on paper.

As well, action elements such as Delete, Archive, Unarchive, Mark, Unmark, and many more can be added based on the need. There can also be navigation aspects to move around the different From menus. And breadcrumbs depictions which make it easier to move between the menus.

Within Odoo Studio, it can access Filtering elements in the Search view, they can use these tools for sorting out required entries. Using the Filter tool can customize so that the user can be fully autonomous regarding their use of the feature. The Chatter feature can be added to the Activity View; therefore, while scheduling activities, all attendees will discuss it before the scheduled time.

Multiple record views can be defined, including lists, Kanbans, and map views. Customization elements, such as new Fields of Operations, can easily be added, ensuring the List View displays the required instructions. There are many aspects to consider, such as the Priority Filed, the Contact Field, and many others. The different fields described above can be made invisible, edited, or removed as needed.


Various elements of operations, such as the Create and Edit buttons, can be removed from the Kanban View. This will be helpful in providing portal access to external users. Thus preventing new entries from being created and existing entries from being changed.

The Pipeline Status bar can be integrated into the view to provide a clear picture of where the pipeline is in operation. Map View elements such as Name and Address can be hidden. You can add Additional Fields that will be useful with the view. And enable the Routing option that will allow an understanding of the Address and the commute to the respective places.

The Timeline Views can also be defined, such as the Calendar View, Cohort View, and Gantt.
View. Under the Calendar View, confrontational aspects such as the Start Date Field and the Stop Date Field are also available.

It is possible to configure the Delay Field, the Color, the All Day configuration, and the Default Display mode aspects of management. The Start Date Field, as well as the Stop Date Field. Are available under the Cohort views. The Measure Field, Interval, Mode, and Timeline can be defined.

A distinctive Reporting View, such as Dashboard, Graph, or Pivot, can also determine specific reports. The Graph View has elements such as Type, Sorting, First Dimension, Second Dimension, and Measure. And if there is a need to add a new dimension, you can do so while the view is being created.

The Pivot View allows you to toggle aspects like the Column grouping, the Row grouping – First level, the Row grouping – Second level, Measures, and the Display count.

Because of all the views configuration options available in the Odoo Studio module. The distinct menu items of the applications can be defined for clarity to the data that will be defined.

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