Expected Features in Odoo 16

April 12, 2022

A better operational experience with better ease of access, speed, and control over your data is the most expected reward from Odoo 16. It will hit the market during the Odoo experience this year itself. For the customers, the most exciting thing is that they can easily migrate to the latest version with full access to the latest features of Odoo 16.

Interestingly, some of the latest features like accounting localization and new knowledge apps like Wiki have been the most sought-after features by the customers themselves. Enlivened apps and modules will make it a favorite pick for successful business ventures.

Areas of priority

Precisely, the Odoo 16 ERP Software has prioritized four major areas for assuring a better user experience. Code clean-up and performance will be improved to the next level in the latest version. The second feature is accounting localization that too with high-performance support. A better user experience comes in the third position, and new features of Odoo 16 fall in the final priority area.

In short, a new knowledge app equal to that of the Wiki will be integrated with all Odoo apps. It is the first of its kind feature in the industry. The new version offers a single view for the back-end and front-end of the website builder. The availability of coupons and promotions in all the apps is likely to be an added advantage. In the latest Odoo version, the subscription app will come with the sales module to improve the user experience. Multi-choice questions and decision trees will be part of the improved chatbot.

Better user experience

A complete redesign of all the key modules will make Odoo-16 a unique and must-have product in every company. A lot of user-friendly functions and services have been incorporated into each module. Expect the employee management operations of the HR team or the product management activities by the sales team to be simplified in the new version. Marketing modules and sign modules have undergone massive changes to meet new requirements.

Accounting to benefit

Simplified accounting tools with multi-currency matching and conciliation of new banks come on top of the features. Journal audit reports can be an easy experience with enhanced readability and information related to the Value Added Tax regime. Can guarantee easier cancellation and accurate computations in enhanced assets. For the users, it can set warnings in sales and invoice activities using the credit limit.

Another area of improvement is in e-invoicing. There will be separate settings for customer invoices in the new version. The newly integrated feature will help us generate intra-statistical reports and speed up validations. Better onboarding and visibility in appointments with new designs make it more appealing.

Speed and accuracy with options to digitize accounting records add value to the updated product. The users can complete reconciliation procedures quickly with the specially designed widget on the platform. Effective management of client credit limits is another feature. It can reduce a lot of operational headaches in the accounting department.

Email marketing features

Giving a total change from the previous tools and options, the latest email marketing features have a lot of user-friendly additions. The creation of new templates from the previously designed format is one of the several attractive options.

The new features of Odoo 16 will allow the global attributes of the mailing list to be changed all at once with no hectic integration work. For those who wish to explore e-learning, there is 24×7 support from the Vimeo platform. It provides the users with tools for video creation, editing, and various other features for Enterprise Resource Planning software. 

For the email notifications, a new layout can be experienced with pay now notifications. It will be available for multi- Companies, multi-domain, and servers. Easy retweets and quote tweets for promotion will also be easily possible from the main dashboard in the improved version.

Refined inventory management

Automated batches and improved shipping options come as two important attractions in improvised inventory management. Forcing a backorder is also possible here where the line item will be ordered from the main supplier of the product other than just submitting the order from the merchants’ inventory stock records.

Replenishment visibility days to take stock of the finished goods can be easily tracked using the updated tools. Pick and count features and force scans are also available with the updated inventory.

With purchase, Odoo 16 ensures a revamped call for a tender option. Besides, the users can closely track the receipt or delivery status of the purchase order. Shipping insurance and commercial invoices meeting all business standards are other key highlights to be seen in the latest version.

Customer benefits

The creation of worksheets to support users to finish document operations quickly is possible with the updated software. There can be easy measures to check each step and quality parameters. Merging of sales orders and subscriptions can be simplified. The new version enables the simplification of E-commerce settings for a better experience. Expect the overall evolution of the user interface with options for localization to give better customer satisfaction.

Employee management

One of the ERP Systems, the HRMS tool, assures better management of employees to enhance productivity and optimize the use of working hours. The option to show new stress days where leaves are not allowed for employees comes in handy in Odoo 16. Report on employee skills and options to add signature request wizards to plans are available with the updated software.

Overall Expected Features of Odoo 16

The overall expectations because of the total revamp in the Odoo 16 version including high-speed performancea quick exchange of information, and better organization of the resources. One of the most exciting options that reach the hands of customers is the new knowledge module based on Wikipedia operations.

The advanced website builder module, one of the most sought-after items by clients, is sure to benefit millions of users across the world. The unified system for easier advertising and coupon management will make the new version a favorite pick for business persons. The user can manage all coupons and promotions from a centralized platform. 

Modules like email marketing will meet several advanced expectations of the customers with much-awaited options like quick copy-paste or retrieval. In short, the Features of Odoo 16 will be a marvel of new features loaded with customized apps, widgets, and simplified operational modules for high performance to scale new heights in business. 

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