New Features of Sale and Purchase Module in Odoo 16

November 10, 2022

With Odoo16, the entire system has evolved to a whole new level of sophistication and performance. Over the past few Odoo versions, we have seen some major changes in the overall performance and user interface of Odoo.
This blog gives you an overview of the new features of Odoo 16

As the basis of Odoo’s database, its modules provide a highly integrated and easy-to-use interface. User-friendliness is one of the most important aspects of Odoo. Odoo’s existing modules will be enhanced with many new features and tools to make work more efficient and productive. Odoo version 16 introduces new modules and components that have been improved.

Sales Module

Merged Subscriptions Into Sales Order

Subscriptions are merged into sales orders in Odoo 16.


As Odoo focuses more on user convenience, the new merging of the subscription with the sales order will make subscription management much easier.

Recurring sale order

To set the sale order as a recurring order, there is a new field.

Sale Order Smart Button on invoice

We now have a dedicated smart button that redirects the view to its corresponding sell order if we have a sale order or an invoice.

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Can Be Expensed

We have added an option in the product view to use the product for expenses. This option allows employees to submit their own costs for approval by management, and accountants to record them and process payments.


Recurring price list

A recurring period can set a price list.


Purchase Module

Expected Arrivals
It is possible to set the expected arrival date when creating an RFQ.


Alternative in RFQ

While creating an RFQ, we can set alternative options.


More features and tools are being developed, including improvements to the Call for Tender part of the Odoo Purchase module. This will make online selling easier, and Odoo’s overall performance has also improved. It is now faster and more efficient than its predecessors. The modules will be more integrated and easier to access, There has been an improvement in user-friendliness, as well as tools and feature accessibility.
With the new features and the refreshed user interface, version 16 of Odoo will make it easier for you to manage your business…


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