What are the questions that you should ask your ERP Implementation Partner? | Nine most important questions to ask your Odoo Erp Implementation Partner

December 20, 2021

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) aims to eliminate all traditional ways and coordinate all business processes and aspects. Implementing the best ERP software can elevate your business to new heights. So choosing the right Erp implementation partner for your business is really important. By choosing the Best Odoo Implementation Partner in UAE and India, an organization can attain peak performance. The right Odoo ERP implementer can ensure a cost-effective solution that can make daily business functions more productive and efficient. So, before choosing the right ERP implementer, make sure you ask all the important questions.

Why is it important to choose the right ERP implementation partner for your business?

Odoo ERP software can increase the productivity and competence of your firm and also provides a wide range of advantages like better customer relations, employee management, equipment allocations etc. Working with a well-experienced Odoo ERP partner like Bassam Infotech, who is the best odoo implementation company in Dubai, India, Africa and other Middle Eastern countries, ensures maximum output and meets all the expectations.

To understand to process flow carried out by your ERP implementation Partner, you must know the important aspects of the process.So, in order to ensure you have chosen the perfect ERP solution provider, it is necessary to ask these important questions:

Which industries does your ERP implementation partner serve? 

Each industry have different needs and requirements. The requirement of ERP implementation in manufacturing industry is not the same as that of ERP in the trading industry. Therefore, while choosing your enterprise resource planning software implementation partner for your different ERP projects, it is necessary that you ensure the ERP partner is experienced in all kinds of industries.

How many years of ERP implementation experience does your ERP partner have?

Experience is an important factor while implementing a new erp system. With experience comes the knowledge of how to carry out the process and to face the challenges in each stages and so on. Choosing an ERP partner like Bassam Infotech, who has more than 24 years of Odoo ERP software implementation experience in Dubai, India, Saudi Arabia and many more places, you can ensure a hassle-free implementation process. Also, they can provide you with top-notch Employee Training with the knowledge and experience.

Can your ERP implementation partner support various locations?

The requirements can come in all forms and needs for businesses that carry out their operations from various locations. Multi-Company operations like invoice payment, inventory tracking, processing delivery come in handy for many businesses. Therefore, you need to ask your ERP software implementation partner if they can support this.


Will your ERP implementation partner provide On-site support?

Not everything can be managed remotely or by indirect communication. Sometimes, for better understanding, the need for on-site evaluation and training will become necessary. It is important to choose the Best Odoo ERP implementation partner like Bassam Infotech, who has provided on-site training nationally and internationally.

Does your ERP partner provide Software Training?

Successful erp implementation alone doesn’t guarantee you any success or growth in the business. You need to have proper training received from your ERP partner. Make sure you ask them if they provide right training in implementation of erp in the organization

What kind of plans does your ERP implementation company provide?

In the initial stage itself, you need to identify what kind of plans does your odoo implementation partner provides. Make sure it includes everything from Requirement analysis, developing, testing, implementation and training,

Can the ERP partner adapt to business changes?

Every business changes over time. Make sure your ERP partner provides you with the best ERP software like Odoo ERP, which is trusted by businesses worldwide and can adapt easily to your organization’s changes.

How much does your Erp partner charge you?

ERP implementation services comes with a cost. It would be best to make sure that doesn’t get ripped off. Trusting your implementation with a valued partner like Bassam Infotech, who uses the best ERP software Odoo, you can make sure you get the best price in the market.

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There are plenty of other questions you can ask your ERP implementation service provider besides these important ones. But, make sure you ask the right ones while choosing your partner. ERP implementation can help to grow your business in today’s world as the competition is hard and the market is expanding. Make sure you go the right way and choose the Best Odoo Erp implementation company.

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