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June 28, 2023

 Odoo is an Open-Source ERP tool that is available in Community and Enterprise Editions. Odoo ERP promises complete support for managing all business operations of a company or organization. An ERP solution that is accessible to all because of its cost-effective structure, Odoo is the ultimate software support for different industries operating across the globe. Besides, we can link it with outside software applications to enable enhanced support to customers. This blog lets you know the importance of Odoo in Gitex UAE.

What is Odoo Integration?

Interlinking Odoo tools with outside applications for the benefit of the customers is called Odoo Integration. Under Odoo Integration, Odoo ERP solutions get linked with social media, API, and other third-party tools. Odoo Software supports Odoo CRM Integration, Odoo Sales Integration, Odoo Accounting Integration, etc.

Tally, Salesforce, Amazon, etc. are some applications that can be integrated well with Odoo.

Besides, Odoo ERP allows the integration of Odoo tools with payment gateways, social media, SMS gateways, biometric devices, Magento, and many other tools.

 Payment Gateway Integration

Bassam revolutionizes your business with integration support as we enable you to use PayPal, banks, sage pay, and other payment platforms while using Odoo ERP. This makes Sales operations simpler and more coordinated.

Our SMS gateways support the users to manage SMS delivery for their promoting their business operations.

E-Commerce Integration

Magento, Shopify, WooCommerce, etc are some of the eCommerce platforms that work well with Odoo ERP. These tools support the business to manage all operations with the help of connectors.

Shipping integration

Bassam’s shipping integration tools support FedEX shipping, USPS shipping, UPS shipping, and other shipping solution.

How Bassam Infotech Became a Top-rated Odoo Integration Company?

 Bassam Infotech has long been a leading Odoo implementation company. The company, with over two and a half decades of experience in implementing various ERP solutions, started focusing on Odoo ERP alone on understanding the potential of the ERP solution. Since then, Bassam has been focusing on Odoo Implementation, Odoo Customisation, Odoo Support and Training, and Odoo Integration.

Being an official Odoo Partner, Bassam has experts who are trained directly by the Odoo Company. Thus, Team Bassam promises unmatched service to clients, approaching them for integration support.

Investing in integration service may turn into a failure if the integration service provider lacks expertise. It may cause technical glitches, data loss, security threats, etc. However, the experience of Team Bassam in integrating Odoo with Tally, Salesforce, Magento, different payment gateways, etc. ensures error-free integration support to all clients.

Bassam has offices in Dubai, Saudi Arabia, India, and the USA to ensure direct assistance to clients. Similarly, this team also offers online support to clients across the globe. Before starting integration, Bassam Infotech always analysis the requirements of the company. Hence, unnecessary integrations are avoided to reduce technical glitches. Integration is commonly used for eCommerce sites, sales ERPs, CRM tools, and accounting applications.

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How Bassam Helps to Revolutionise Business with Odoo Integration at Gitex Uae?

Outstanding Optimisation

Integration has many purposes when it comes to software tools. You may require different types of integration support for other businesses. A small business may need less integration compared to large businesses. Whatever your business, Bassam Infotech guarantees more value from your Odoo ERP by integrating Odoo with other tools. Sometimes you may be already using some software tools for accounting or other operations. If so, we can help you implement Odoo ERP and integrate your existing tool with Odoo to explore its full potential.

Integration securely

Are you worried about the security of your data while planning integration? Your worry is justifiable as many software integration attempts result in data leakage. However, ERP integration by an expert team can promise safe data transfer and digital transformation. Bassam, with an efficient team, minimizes the likelihood of significant downtime and limits the risk of cyberattacks. Similarly, we make sure that only authorized individuals can see your data.

Stable Performance

Bassam Infotech offers complete assistance for managing all the operations of the company steadily. This requires extensive support and training by the team members. Hence, Bassam Infotech imparts continuous training to the team managers and team members of the client company. Thus, supporting them in learning every functionality of the ERP and integrated applications. Integrations can sometimes confuse. Hence, training by Odoo experts will avoid all such worries and ensure maximum utilization of the tool. Team Bassam offers support for three months after the implementation, or integration, of the application. Besides, the users can approach the team to manage their operations safely.

Timely delivery of integrated application

When you choose integration, you may sometimes be worried about whether your support team would deliver the integrated product on time or not. However, if you are partnering with Bassam, the one and only Indian Odoo Partner joining Odoo at GITEX Uae, you can set aside your worries. The most efficient ERP team, Bassam, promises to deliver your project on time. Whether it be an integration or implementation work, Bassam always enters into a partnership contract with the client. This contract will mention the date of delivery and the support provided by the team. Hence, you can expect the exact delivery time of your integrated project.

 Enhanced performance of your ERP 

Implementing or integrating an ERP alone will not help your business to grow. What you need to do is to explore its potential to its full. A leading Odoo Integration service provider at Gitex Uae, Bassam revolutionizes your businesses by fully realizing the potential of your ERP solution. To assist clients, the Odoo partners make use of the experience and expertise of the team. Whether you are integrating Odoo with Magento, Tally, or other tools, we can help you to explore the complete potential of Odoo and other apps used for integration.

Instant Assistance

Anytime help is a promise that Bassam offers to our clients. We serve you by managing your Odoo ERP solution, offering user support, supporting development, and monitoring. When it comes to Odoo Integration, our team stands by you until your team members are familiar with the integration features.

Interacting with the team members at GITEX Uae will provide valuable knowledge.


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