Odoo 14: Continuous improvement and Focus on Integral Process

September 22, 2021

What is continuous improvement?

An Odoo ERP implementation, most of the time, is a lifetime investment for a company. As ERP implementation requires investment and time, it is not practical to change the ERP whenever you need new features.

A continuous improvement plan for ERP is the best solution to ensure the improved performance of the ERP platform. Odoo ERP, the best Open ERP solution, also requires proper and continuous improvement support for the effective operation of the application.

Continuous improvement is the process of analyzing the requirements of a business and modifying the software solution to ensure the perfect performance of the tool. Continuous improvement allows business firms to track all the post-implementation requirements. Assessing the tasks and completing the post-implementation process enhances the accuracy and reliability of the Odoo ERP solution.

Odoo 14 is an ERP version that expands various features to ensure comprehensive support for e-Commerce management. The newly introduced features like website builder and multi-site management are a few highly sophisticated features that focus on integral processes.

How does continuous improvement help?

A continuous improvement plan for an Odoo ERP helps the business to leverage the ERP implementation. We can reduce the investment in ERP implementation by reducing the cost. Continuous improvement plays a relevant role in the effective use of existing ERP solutions. An ERP that focuses on the integration process will always leave scope for improvement in the features and functionalities. 

Continuous improvement in Odoo

One has to change with the changing business requirements by ensuring the improvement of the Odoo ERP solution. Following the static ERP will not help you grow your business. ERP solutions need proper updates and enhancements with business expansion and the introduction of new technologies. The users can upgrade the ERP the same way they introduce new marketing strategies and launch new products and services to expand the business.

Odoo is an ERP solution that works on continuous improvement. Odoo releases a newer version of the software solution every year to ensure that the customers have access to the latest and the best services. Besides, the Odoo team works on a rigorous improvement plan even after the implementation to ensure efficient software support for the business.

Apart from the annual release of new features and functionalities, the community development team updates Odoo ERP continuously to help users across the world. The upgrade includes security features and functionalities related to various business operations.

Odoo is an ERP solution that gives users plenty of options for continuous improvement.

Improved features in Odoo 14

Odoo 14 has plenty of features that are best suited for enhancing the performance of the business.

Odoo Website Builder is a module that has witnessed significant and continuous improvement. Many new features have been included in the website module, making it a competent website builder tool.

Other modules like Point of Sale, Sales and CRM also witnessed improvement. 

  • Data Cleaning

Data cleaning application is a new feature in Odoo Enterprise version 14 and also Data cleaning helps to remove data congestion by merging or deleting duplicated data. 

  • Cross-App Integration

Odoo 14 supports the integration of more apps like eCommerce and Rental. 

  • Smart warnings

Odoo 14 is capable of issuing smart warnings to users. This feature ensures effortless management of sales, purchase and manufacturing operations. 

  • Chart Snippet

Chart Snippet is a feature in Odoo 14 website module and the snippet helps the users to create different charts on the website for more visual appeal.

  • Count down widget

 Count down snippet allows setting count down for offers. The users can schedule new product releases with the help of countdown widgets. The countdown snippet is catchy and ensures the quick promotion of the products. 

  • Auto Pop up

Website management in Odoo 14 becomes more efficient with the support of auto pop up. By enabling this, the user can create auto pop-ups for a specific time. Auto pop-ups can be scheduled for selected dates to highlight offers or to greet customers. 

  • Product Catalogue

This also is a new feature added to the website builder. The user can add a product catalogue to the menu and add pictures and other details for each product.

  • POS Loyalty

 A newly added feature in the Point of Sale module, PoS Loyalty, enables sales promotion. This feature has been added to the community edition in version 14. Coupons and promotions, and loyalty programs help the business with customer retention. 

  • Price list

Price list is a new feature added to Odoo 14 Sales. This helps the user to set multiple prices per product using new price rules, and this also supports product management in the inventory module. 

  • Emoji widget

Emoji widget can be used in different modules like sales, purchases or projects. We can add emoji widgets to ensure proper communication, and Emoji widgets make communication with the clients or teammates more effective and interactive.  

Rigorous expansion of the ERP

An enhanced version of the website builder is the highlight of Odoo 14. This enables the activation of multi-sites, and we can also log into the website platform using the Google console.

Another highlight of the Odoo 14 website builder is that we can configure registration options. We can track website statistics, campaigns and sources without leaving the Odoo platform. This feature helps to ensure improved performance of the business. A more intuitive website interface is another highlight of Odoo 14. 

Captivating visual impact

Odoo 14 is a catchy ERP tool that can be of great help to users. The visual images and graphic support of Odoo enhance the user experience. We can find new widgets in all modules and have chat features that make the application more interactive. A set of emojis improves all types of communication.

Quick and efficient use of the Document module is made possible with the options to edit text type. It also enables integration with Google Drive and Google spreadsheet.

Even after implementation, Odoo 14 leaves some scope for improvement. We can go for integration and customization to enhance the operation of the ERP tool.

Continuous improvement of Odoo 14 helps to streamline the workflow more efficiently. It supports all types of business operations like manufacturing, e-Commerce, etc.

In this competitive world, it is always essential to maximize the efficiency of your ERP tool for the better expansion of the business.

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