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Odoo 14 Migration | When Should We Migrate from Odoo Old Version to Odoo 14?

Well, that’s a common question that comes to everybody’s mind who using ERP. When should I migrate from Odoo Old version to Odoo 14, or in other words, when should I migrate from an older version to a newer version?

There are lots of reasons people choose to Migrate to Odoo 14 or other new versions. Some are :

  1. Existing ERP not able to cater to the business needs
  2. Existing ERP not compatible with the latest OS and Security features
  3. System performance is low
  4. Want to bring new features
  5. Want to embrace new technology
  6. A new line of business has started
  7. No support from Old ERP Vendor
  8. Simply use a new version

In my opinion, migration should happen only if it is really required. If your existing ERP is catering to all your needs and if you don’t have any issues in terms of performance, process, or reporting, then don’t change it. Change only if you have a valid reason to change. 


Before changing:

  1. Make sure the new application is capable of catering to your business for the next ten years.
  2. Migrate old data to a new system only if it adds value to your business by keeping the old data.
  3. Ensure that the new system gives more easiness and automation and less data entry compared to the new system. If customization is done on the old system, make sure the new system will work with the custom features seamlessly after migration, or only minimal efforts are required to make the old customization workable in the new.

And finally, your business should add value by migrating from an older version to a newer version.

Migrate to Odoo 14 


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