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Attendance Management using Odoo 15

Every organisation has to keep track of the attendance for increasing the efficiency of employee management in a company. Odoo provides the Attendance Management module with a variety of useful functions and tools for efficient Attendance management.

Attendance management

This is the dashboard of the Odoo Management Attendance module. By this, checking in and out becomes more easier.

Since odoo has the login information of every employee, it will instantly recognise the employee and takes to the respective check-in page.

By clicking on the kiosk mode shown above, we can see a page that provides the check in option. This feature helps to make an easy route for check in.

Attendance module

Here we can see two methods are provided,Employee can check in either by scanning the badge or identity card or also manual check in. The scanning feature in this mode will help the employee to scan and check in immediately. By selecting Identify manually, that is, manual check in, we can see a page with a list of employees.

Let us take a look into the Odoo Attendances Tab.

This tab is only for the managers and the executives, which shows all the details of the attendees as shown below:

Attendances Tab

For creating a new entry, just click on the create button. We can view the page in the list and kanban.

The page has options for filtering and grouping.

Odoo provides a provision for setting a pin or password for employee profile protection.

The employee can easily set the pin in the configuration tab of the attendance module.

Now, let’s move to the next one, that is, the configurations tab.

configurations tab

The settings window here consists of two sections, namely Checkin/out and Extra hours.

The first one is the Checkin/out section. Here we can activate the Employee Pin option, which we have already mentioned. By activating this option, the employee will be able to use a PIN code to check in, which provides more protection.

We can see an Extra hours option. Here we will be able to see an option named Count extra hours. After enabling this option will help you to count the extra hours from attendance, ie the system compares the marked attendance with working hours set on employees.

Under Extra hours, we can see Tolerance Time in Favor of the company, which allows a specific amount of time where the extra time will be excluded from the benefits of the company.

Also, there is Tolerance Time in favour of Employee, which allows a specific time where the extra time will not be excluded from the benefits of the employee. In both cases, the time period can be given in minutes.

We can see a Reporting tab which is used for Attendance Analysis. The reporting tab in the Attendance module of Odoo will help you to generate attendance reports of each employee in the company on a month, week, or on a yearly basis. The graphical representation of the analysis is given below.

ODOO Reporting tab

Odoo also provides the option for viewing reports in Line and Pie Chart. The Attendance analysis report can be easily filtered by quarter, month, and year. Also, we can group this based on the Employee, check-in year, month, quarter, week, or day. Moreover, the reporting window allows us to generate reports on attendance with extra working hours of each employee in the company.

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