Manage Sales Team and Configure Activity Types in Odoo 15 CRM

December 24, 2021

Customer relationship management or CRM is an essential part of any business. Without proper relationship management that drives customer growth and growth, no business can succeed. Businesses must pay close attention to customer satisfaction and product delivery according to customer requirements. As the number of companies in the market increases, competition increases significantly. We need more work to find new customers and support existing ones. Therefore, most companies use CRM software to manage their customers. A complete business process solution  

Odoo ERP comes with CRM integrated with other modules and Odoo CRM also helps you track leads and convert generated leads into leads using sophisticated tools. Odoo CRM allows you to manage your leads and reinforce them periodically. The lead collection and scoring feature generate enormous leads across multiple websites and campaign pages. Modules allow you to easily create and evaluate reports on the analysis of the work performed in the module. Customizing various aspects of the module will help you get started with the module based on your business needs.  

Sales Teams

Module Odoo CRM is integrated with the Sales module to set up and manage sales groups from within the CRM module itself. If you select the Sales Teams option in the Configuration tab, you will see a list of Sales Teams with their alias, team leader, and company name. We can group together sales teams based on group leaders using the Group by option.

odoo sales team

Click on a specified sales group to view details about that specific sales group. Shows sales team name, quote, lead, and lead management met, team leader name, team details like email alias, receiving emails from contacts, assignment rules like company name, billing purpose, domain, and the number of leads assigned, maybe. You can view details of sales group members listed in the Members tab. Press the CHANGE button to change the sales department details. You can assign prospects to sales team members by pressing the ASSIGN LEADERS button. Click the Actions button and select the Open Session option to view open sessions.  

odoo crm

Create a new sales group

You can create a new sales group in the system by clicking the CREATE button. If you want to insert data such as the sales group name in the form that appears and you want the Group to send an offer to the buyer instead of immediately confirming the order, enable the Quote option. It created a sales group for you to manage. If the sales team needs to convert an incoming request into a feature and filter and validate it as a lead before assigning the request to a salesperson, then activate the Pre-Sales Process with the Features and Leads field. In the group details section, you can add the team leader’s name, and email alias and configure who gets emails.

Any Verified Partner, Verified Subscriber or Partner, company name and account purpose only can be configured. You can add employees to the created sales group by clicking the Add button in the Members tab. Select the required personnel from the displayed list of vendors. After entering all required fields, click the SAVE button to complete the sales department creation process. Record mappings can be viewed by clicking on the RECORDS option and the EDIT option to edit domains and other fields.

Activity Types

Besides generating leads and assigning them to salespeople, Odoo 15 CRM helps you track and keep leads. CRM ensu keepres that existing and generated leads are preserved by scheduling various lead tasks. These actions help convert prospects into leads.

odoo customer relationship management

You can customize the task type in the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) module by selecting the task type on the Configuration tab. It displayed a list of existing activity types on the screen. Event title, basic activity summary, number, and type of scheduled days. We can obtain more detailed information by selecting an action type from the list. This information includes task type name, task settings, task to do, default user name, default summary, default note, next action, trigger, email template, and schedule.

crm financial management

You can create a new action type by clicking the CREATE button. On the New Activity Type 

page of the form, enter information such as a name for the activity type and the specific action to perform. These tasks include Document uploads, phone calls, appointments, reminders, signature requests, tax returns or none, default username, a summary of default action types, default notes on actions, types of threads that can be suggested in the next action or start the next action, this specific Tasks that should be proposed when tasks are completed, email templates and calendar numbers days, weeks, or months before the task occurs, which allows you to schedule a due date. After entering all required details for the new activity type, click the SAVE button. You can also edit and change the job type by clicking the Change button.

odoo activity type

The Odoo 15 CRM module allows you to have a clear view of the leads generated, support them with an effective sales team and then assign the actions. Creating a sales team helps you build an effective team to handle the leads generated. Odoo CRM allows you to assign leads to other sales teams. Team members can be added to the sales department based on their potential. After configuring activity types, you can schedule activities with generated leads and showcase them in your company’s products and services. Continuous engagement with prospects makes it easy to turn opportunities into sales orders. Job types can also keep existing customers with your company. In short, Odoo Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the best tool for maintaining and developing customer relationships.


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