Overview of Odoo IOT Module | Internet of Things in Odoo 15

August 29, 2022

Over the past 300 years, the industrial world went through three industrial revolutions. It all started with the steam engine in the 18th century. Then came assembly lines and electrical energy in the 19th century. And 50 years ago computers, automation, and electronics led the third industrial revolution. The fourth revolution is about connecting machines with software and workers. This is a huge challenge as perfect synchronization is needed for machine jobs, quality controls, and operators with their work instructions. There is no standard protocol between the internet, local network, Bluetooth, and serial ports there is no unified communication mechanism. Now there solves this connectivity challenge:

Meet the IoT Box as shown below.


The IOT box connects any hardware to the Odoo software. You can orchestrate operator’s and machines’ work instructions in your manufacturing process all in one interface as shown below diagram.


We can connect the devices through USB, serial ports, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, HPMI, and more.

Just plug in the box and Odoo detects it automatically. For that first, you want to install the IoT module in Odoo 15 as shown below.

odoo for iot

And then click the ‘connect’ button as shown below.

click -connect-button

Connect and scan it

 Connect-and-scan-itscan it

This technology is accessible to any industry at an amazing price.

Coming to the benefits of IoT,

IoT is the term that many of us have heard in the past decade and still is. IoT stands for the Internet of things and it is the future of the world. As connectivity is the major issue of concern among us the IoT terminology makes the operation of connectivity to be with much easy and more efficient. Artificial Intelligence and machine learning can be other terminologies in the business. But the advancements they can bring when it’s combined with IoT-based systems are wide and could make our life of us much easier and effortless.
On the related issue of making our life of us easier and effortless, Enterprise and resource planning (ERP) has helped businesses and professional organizations automate management operations. Cost-effective automated software operations have provided high profits to organizations. And also achieve high rates of operational productivity. Enterprise and resource planning software (ERPs) have paved the way for automated and systematic methodologies operations in a business on all aspects of business operations.

Integrating Odoo IoT

The adaptability and combustibility feature of the Odoo ERP makes it the best among the ones available among their competitors. Odoo is often mentioned as the one-stop cost-effective solution to deal with all the business operations of our company. The integration ability in Odoo helps the users of the system to integrate external third-party applications and devices with Odoo platforms. Odoo allows its users to integrate third-party sources into the software, which makes it easier to manage a business in a company. These device integrations will provide users with various tools to facilitate day-to-day operations within the industry for employees and staff. Integrating Odoo IOT will be a valuable tool in the business operation it provides users and its employee with various benefits at the various stages of operation in the company.

The motive of the IoT devices

IoT helps the devices in a facility to connect to a single device and all the operations can be initiated and controlled from the devices. Unlike Odoo we can control the devices from far using internet connectivity. The devices don’t need to be running on the same network or topography, but a connection to a single server will do.
The IoT devices will provide simplified synchronous operations with the machine’s human resources and the materials of operation in your company. The motive of IoT devices is to increase efficiency and remove the difficulty. A method for sharing information about the activities of IoT devices will be very useful in business operations.

The IOT device reduces the burden on employees and the difficulty in a task and therefore increases efficiency. And the productivity of each employee provides the company with high-yield profit. Also, the IoT device offers the user the advantage of analyzing the data generated in the Odoo platform. It will also provide the user with insights into the data generated and provide automation functions based on those.

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