Maintenance Request and Management in Odoo Version 15

February 21, 2022


The Odoo maintenance module may be taken into consideration as a vital device for perfecting your enterprise’s product and ministry operation. The maintenance module allows you to Improve the fitness of machines and improve their productivity. Icing the fitness of the ministry allows you to plan and use the machines for productivity. It’s clean to installation and uses the module together with your enterprise and ministry. The production assiduity is a sizable assiduity that includes the operation of several machines.

Machinery maintenance performs a big element inside the corporation. Maintenance guarantees the proper ‘fitness’ of the unfairness and improves their existence cycle. Rather than losing time on undesirable mechanical crimes and device failure, you could ensure persevered running at your painting centers. Odoo 14 maintenance module is the trendy preference to control all maintenance-associated worries. This blog will come up with the entire sapience on the way to request maintenance and control them with the Odoo 15 maintenance module.

Odoo 15 maintenance Module offers a dashboard that offers you the info on inner maintenance conditioning. It gives a clean-to-control maintenance calendar and Kanban perspectives of the conditioning. It gives you drag-and-drop installations. The well-timed maintenance paintings offer you the trendy aid for the powerful functioning of the instruments. It also permits our unique bodies to hurry the processing of maintenance requests.

How to Create an Odoo Maintenance

odoo maintenance module

The Dashboard can be full of maintenance teams. The requests for a case can be proven below the maintenance teams. These are sincere orders that you could produce consistent with the character of your ministry or enterprise for coming into the requests. Click on any of the teams, and it will take you to the requests as proven under.

maintenance teams

Maintenance Teams and Request

You can fluently configure maintenance teams. To produce a maintenance group, visit the Configuration tab from the Dashboard of the maintenance module, and from the drop-down menu, click on maintenance teams. Runners on maintenance teams will open up a proven under.

Maintenance Teams and Request

We can index all of your created maintenance phrases down in this runner. To produce a maintenance group, click on the CREATE button as proven within the photo above. As proven under, an empty subject to provide the brand new maintenance teams will open up.

open up

Click on the Empty subject to feature the Team call Team individuals and decide on the corporation. Press the SAVE button after the configurations, and the Team can be stored and displayed on the maintenance module dashboard.

Creating and keeping Outfit orders allows you to control unique outfits extra efficiently. To produce and control outfit orders, visit the Configuration tab from the Dashboard of the maintenance module, and from the drop-down menu, click on Equipment Orders. A runner will open up, as proven under.

Equipment Orders

We can index all the created Outfit orders down in this runner. For example, to produce a brand new Outfit order, click on the CREATE button, and a configuration runner will open up a proven under to provide the new Equipment category.

Equipment category

As proven over, you can start the configuration by naming it below the Category call subject. For example, you can rent the individual liable for the Equipment order and decide on the corporation from the Company list. For additional configurations at the Responsible Person and the Company, click on the outside hyperlink button after the fields proven under.

fields proven under

Request operation

The outside hyperlinks will take you to the configuration sections of the concerned. Therefore, you have the choice to configure the corporation and the individual accountable by going to the outside hyperlink.

Maintenance requests and request operations may be exciting tasks. The Odoo 15 maintenance module has a dedicated segment for request operation. Go to the Maintenance tab from the Dashboard of the account module and the Drop-down menu, click on maintenance Requests, and a runner will open up on maintenance requests as proven under.

maintenance requests

Here you can prioritize the request by scoring the Requests using three-star emoticons below the requests. Click on it, and the celebrities can be stuffed to observe the importance of the requests.

From then, click on the CREATE button to provide a brand new maintenance request. From the antedating, as proven under you could produce the brand new request.

brand new maintenance requestCorrective and Preventative maintenance.

Then, below the Request subject, you could input the motive for the maintenance request. After this, input the individual’s call, who creates the demand, and the groups below which the individual is running. Finally, click on the Outfit subject, and a drop-down menu of outfits will open up, as proven under.

Odoo 15 maintenance Module

From the drop-down alternatives of the outfit, as proven over, decide on the outfit you need to request the maintenance on. Then, click on the Hunt extra button to look for an additional outfit. A tab with all your outfit will open up so that you can pick from it. After coming into the outfit, upload the outfit from the Responsible subject, from the drop-down subject, and upload the individual liable for the process.

Enter the date of request inside the Requests data subject and the indexed date inside the Slated date and Duration. And you can feel the priority of the request by scoring it the Star emoticon subsequent to’Priority’. Also, you can pick among the 2 maintenance sorts Corrective and Preventative maintenance.

How to Create a Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance

Preventative maintenance is used for fashionable maintenance methods or operations. The preventive maintenance kind will permit you to timetable maintenance conditioning in time by icing the most utility of the machines and preventing them from unanticipated damages. This system may control every device starting from computer systems.

Indeed, with everyday maintenance workshops, it’s not unusual for the ministry to run into troubles and blights. These ministry troubles endure instant attention, and that is in which Corrective maintenance performs its element. The trouble can be stated to the maintenance groups to paintings on it incontinently. Choose among the maintenance sorts, and in case you need to use a production order for the maintenance request, click on the Field after ‘manufacturing order,’ and from the drop-down alternatives, decide on the producing order.

Still, input them below the configuration tab at the Internal notes segment, If you need to feature any notes or instructions. After the configurations, click on the SAVE button, and the requests can be delivered into the New Request degree a proven under.

maintenance module

Use of Maintenance calendar

It may penetrate the maintenance calendar from the Dashboard of the maintenance module below the maintenance tab. Then, select the maintenance calendar from the drop-down menu, and the calendar will open up as proven under.

Maintenance calendar

All maintenance requests can be proven then regarding their dates. For example, you can set the calendar to Daily, Week, Month, and year. However, a tab will also open up as proven to provide new maintenance requests if you click on any of the dates in this runner.

odoo Maintenance calendar

Click on the CRETE button to provide the maintenance requests for a specific date.

 Use the superior filtering choice to clear out the maintenance requests. You can pierce the filtering alternatives from the Filter tab, as proven under.


Also, you can use the sludge alternatives to sludge out the maintenance requests for short access. This will permit you to control your maintenance requests efficiently.

An enterprise must preserve its machines jogging as they may be the primary members of productivity. Odoo 15 maintenance module will allow you to control and deliver a catcalls-eye view of your ministry and outfit.

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