Odoo 15 Password Resetting for Users

October 14, 2022

We can add as many users as we like in Odoo, and we can control what information each user has access to by granting them access permissions. You can add a new user by going to settings, Manage Users, or settings > Users & Companies > Users. It will display a list of all existing users, and clicking the Create button will add one.

add-a-new-user-by-going-to-settingsIn the user form, fill in the information. The user can be assigned to several companies, and we can choose their default company. Specify user access by selecting a group for each application under the Access Rights page. The applications will be listed depending on the installed applications in the database.

We can manually reset the password in Odoo in two ways. The first is to send the user a link to reset their password, and the second is to change the password.
If you want to reset a user’s password by email, go to settings and select Users & Companies.

From the above screen Select the Users menu and select the user whose password needs to be reset

To send the password reset link, click the Sent Reset Password Instructions button in the user profile.

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Upon clicking the Send button, Odoo will send a password reset link to the user’s login email address. This link can also be seen under the status bar.

The password reset link will get in Gmail

odoo-password-resettingYou can now change your password by clicking the Change password link in the mail.

Then click on Confirm to confirm your new password.

From the user profile screen, select Change Password under the Action dropdown menu.


You will now see a pop-up that will allow you to change the password. Enter your new password and click the Change Password button.

These are the two methods to change the password in Odoo.


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