Sales Management in Odoo 15

December 23, 2021


The Odoo Sales Management module is one of the important applications which is provided by Odoo. Using Sales Management, we can control the entire Sales department. It allows us to create a new sale order that can be filtered based on our needs. Using the Odoo 15 sales module, we can easily do any sales-related operations in our business.

  • The sales module has access to all the other modules in the Odoo system to provide updated data on products and customer information for good communication with the customers.
  • We can easily use and customize the module as per our needs and style.
  • The sales module in Odoo 15 is very efficient when we compare it to the previous versions of Odoo.
  • Product management has become easier and more convenient.
  • We can group our products according to our needs.

The workflow of the Odoo Sale Module is:

  1. Create Quotation
  2. Add or Create Customer
  3. Add or Create Products
  4. Confirmation of Sale Order/ Draft for quotation
  5. Creating Invoice
  6. Validation of Invoice
  7. Ready for Payment and validate

The dashboard of the Odoo Sales Module is shown below:

dashboard odoo 15

Creating quotation:

We can see all the quotations here, and also we can create a new quotation by clicking the create button.

Provide the details required for creating the quotation and then click on the Save button. There is also an option to take printouts and email the quotation to the customer if required. To confirm the quotation, just click on the confirm sale button. Then the quotation is created. Details of the created quotation will be available on the dashboard of your sales module.

We can see many quotations here. Odoo 15 sales module makes it more convenient by providing filtering options. Select any of the options and filter the list of quotations.

odoo sales module

We can access all the products from the dashboard, as shown in the screenshot given below.

odoo 15

Product management becomes more efficient in odoo15 when compared to the other versions of odoo. Click on the products to see all the products.

product management

Here there are filtering, grouping, and favorite options in the dashboard, which we can see in the above screenshot.

It is important to represent your quotations in graphical forms, which helps us to break down the quotation procedures more accurately.

The options in the top right corner of the screenshot will show the Pivot and the graphical view of the quotations created.

Graphs and charts have a huge role in the Sales module of Odoo. This can help us analyze the most intricate sales data with little effort.

To view the sales quotation in graph view, just click on the graph view option.

odoo sales quotation graph

The Odoo sales module is integrated with accounting and warehouse modules.

Therefore, after confirming, we can see the related picking and also the option for creating an invoice in the Sale Order, which we newly created. By clicking on create invoice button, a popup will appear.

odoo create invoice button

Select any of the options in the pop-up and create the invoice. Once the invoice is created, then click on the confirm button to validate.

Create a Quotation template.

Quotation templates help us send a complete quotation in no timeTo enable this, we have to go to Menu Items and go to Settings under the Configuration tab, which will lead us to the settings page. Under Quotations & Orders in the Sales section, we can see the Quotation template and put a tick mark on that.

To create our own quotation template, let’s go to the menu items and click on the Quotation Template under the Configuration tab. After clicking, you will be moved to the Quotation Template list view. There we can also create our own template by using the Create button. A Quotation template form will be displayed on the screen. You can define the number of days that the template is valid, and also, we can also add items under the Lines section as per our requirement.

In Optional Products, you have an option to suggest related items to the customers by clicking on Add a line. We can also see the option for online signature in the confirmation section, which is used to sign the quotation online and confirm the order.

Customers can make the Payment online and confirm the order automatically by using the online payment option. Online Payment which helps the customer to make an online payment and confirm the order automatically;

Then confirmation Mail helps to select the medium as per our preference, and we will send the email template as confirmation. If we leave the section blank, we will send nothing. After finishing the above steps, we can save it and create our quotation template.

odoo template

Tracking the history

All the interactions done for the quotation can be tracked. All the communication history will be available when the quotation is converted to the sale order. Messages sent to or received from the customer can be tracked easily.

odoo Tracking the history


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