Odoo 16 Community Vs Enterprise | Odoo 2023 Comparison

February 2, 2023

The free, basic version of Odoo supported by open-source software is called Odoo Community Edition. On the other side, Odoo Enterprise Version is a premium, updated version that is better suited for high-end, specialist markets. In contrast to the Odoo Community Version, the Odoo Enterprise Version provides limitless functional support, version upgrades, and public or private cloud hosting. High performance and speed also set the Odoo Enterprise edition apart from the Community version.

Comparison of Odoo 16 Community Vs Odoo Enterprise

Odoo offers two variations of its business management software: Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise. While Odoo Enterprise is a licensed and shared source, the Odoo Community is an entirely open-sourced version that offers highly flexible business functionalities. The versions of Odoo Community and Odoo Enterprise, both provide a selection of useful modules appropriate for business operations. Both Odoo versions include modules for accounting, sales, inventory, purchases, etc.

It is easier to find out the advantages of Odoo Enterprise and Odoo Community editions for running various business endeavors by comparing the two platforms. We can use several comparison criteria, such as support, bug fixes, upgrades, hosting, and pricing, to evaluate and contrast the two versions.

Odoo 16 Community Vs Odoo 16 Enterprise

Odoo 16 Community

The LGPLv3 license governs the release of the completely open-source Odoo community version. Odoo Community is available to all with no payment. It helps us to satisfy business needs. It is an excellent companion for small business enterprises and start-ups because it offers a variety of customizable modules appropriate for commercial operations free of cost However; it has some shortcomings like limited functional support, lack of support for version upgrades, and hosting which make it unfit for large enterprises. Odoo Community does not allow us to use all features of the Sales, HRMS, Website, eCommerce, or other modules which are available in the Enterprise edition.

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Odoo 16 Enterprise

The Odoo Enterprise Edition is an advanced version of Odoo Community. It has many more functionalities. Odoo Enterprise provides sped-up operating speed, efficiency, and interoperability with mobile browsers. Extensive functional support, regular updates, and support for hosting public and private clouds by Odoo is the most noted advantage of using Odoo Enterprise. It is a paid form of ERP. The Subscription charge depends on the apps used. Odoo Enterprise comes with several useful modules that are not part of the Odoo Community, such as Data Cleaning, Sign, Help Desk, Marketing Automation, Quality Management, Maintenance, Online Appointment, Subscription, Studio, etc. Odoo Enterprise is given preference over Odoo because of the additional functionality of existing apps like barcode integration, shipping connector, MPS, VOIP, etc.

  • Odoo Community is a completely open-source ERP solution whereas Odoo Enterprise is a proprietary edition of Odoo

Being a free edition the users of the Odoo 16 community edition need not have to make any payment. People can use the solution directly by installing the software tool. There is no need for getting a license or making any type of payment.

Odoo Enterprise is a paid version where the users will have to pay a license fee. The fee will vary based on the module you select and the extent of features you require. The users can install as many features and functionalities as they want. The users can also seek the help of Odoo partners for installing the edition and getting proper training.

  • Odoo 16 Community Vs Enterprise Modules

Odoo Community Offers standard Odoo modules

Odoo enterprise edition offers additional modules to the users based on the customer and Odoo Community offers only standard Odoo modules. This tool offers basic modules such as sales, Purchase, Invoicing, eCommerce, etc. The users can make use of these modules by paying no license fee.

Odoo Enterprise Provides Additional Modules

Being a proprietary software solution Odoo enterprise offers additional modules to customers. Customers can choose these paid modules after assessing their requirements. The businesses can depend on Odoo partners like Bassam Infotech for choosing the best-suited modules. This will help the company ensure that all its activities are coordinated effectively. Business management becomes effortless once the users depend on the enterprise edition as it offers a complete ERP solution.

Studio, data cleaning, subscription, sign, online appointment, and other additional modules will make business more coordinated.

  • Suitable businesses

The community edition is best suited for start-ups and small businesses

Odoo Enterprise is more suited for medium and large enterprises

  • Hosting options

Odoo Community has limited hosting options:

The Odoo Community users have limited options for hosting the tool. They have to depend on self-hosting to run their ERP tool.

Odoo Enterprise has vast hosting options

Odoo enterprise edition allows different hosting methods along with self-hosting. Enterprise edition supports cloud hosting, Odoo. sh and Odoo online.

  • Add-ons

Odoo Community does not have Add-on options

Add-on Odoo apps are the key elements that can help your business grow faster. These apps can smoothen your operations by enabling customization and integration. The tools help to manage different activities without painstaking effort. However, the Odoo community lacks these add-on apps. Apps like Shipping connector, barcode integration, and VOIP connector are unavailable in Odoo 16 Community.

Odoo Enterprise has Advanced Add-ons

The enterprise edition of Odoo provides users with a large bundle of connecting apps. Odoo 16 Enterprise edition offers eCommerce connectors, shipping connectors, barcode integration, VOIP connectors, etc. Support from Odoo SA.

  • Support from Oboo SA

The Odoo community lacks any sort of support from Odoo SA.

Odoo SA does not offer support to community users for upgrades. Besides, they will not get help for bug-fixing activities.

Extensive support from Odoo SA for Enterprise users

Odoo Enterprise users get comprehensive support for managing many issues after installing the enterprise edition. The Odoo 16 users can contact Odoo SA if they face any issues in fixing bugs. Enterprise users can also complete efficiently version upgrades and cloud hosting can also be completed efficiently by enterprise users as Odoo SA provides them with complete support.

Odoo Community and Enterprise editions have their own advantages. The users can make the right choice based on their requirements.


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