ODOO 16 CRM Module Features

November 17, 2022

The CRM module in Odoo 16 has been upgraded with some exclusive features. It is undeniable that ERP systems can help businesses grow by popularizing and rebuilding relationships with their customers. Your business can be enhanced with Odoo 16 under one interface. With Odoo 16, your business management activities will be automated, while your customer relationship management will be improved. Your customer relationship activities can be automated with improvised functionalities with Odoo 16. Assuring your activities in a pipeline mode and closing your business with enhancements can help you organize your business.
By using Odoo CRM, you can keep all of your business activities in sync and serve your customers promptly. With it, you are assured of quality feedback in your business and you will have more potential clients and leads. With Odoo, all your business activities are controlled in one shed, so an alternate ERP can not compromise or replace it. The advanced edition of Odoo 16 comes with an improved design, an improved backend, better onboarding, and a lot more clarity with a new design, new features for email marketing, a new layout for the pay now email notifications, the addition of multiple companies, multiple domains, and multiple servers, and a wide variety of social networking sites for tweeting and quotes.

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Creating and generating leads

  • Campaigns can be automatically created, and emails can be validated with the leads in a few clicks
  •  We can import the prospective leads into the right corner with the matching column
  •  By obtaining the visitor’s IP address, you can determine or access their GeoIP. By knowing where the address comes from, you can determine which state, country, or city it originates from.
  •  Based on the leads generated by deduplication, you can automatically create contacts from the merged lead position that leads to an opportunity.
  •  Odoo’s call-to-actions are being optimized with A/B testing.
  •  Besides the online acquisition from your website, you will receive over 30 marketing apps for boosting your leads with social marketing tools for tweeting and quoting, and developing your business.
  •  Engaging live chat services and phone numbers near each lead and converting them into leads. Rules can also define the key countries or pages on your website.
  •  Assigning and tracking leads based on quotas and segments to your sales team or salesperson.
  •  UTM trackers can determine where your marketing campaigns are generating leads.

Achieves quick closes and sales

  •  Your activities can be organized in a pipeline with the help of an intuitive, modern user interface.
  •  With potential leads as part of your sales report, you can close the deal.
  •  A redesigned Dashboard with a sales overview will be displayed for you on your Dashboard.
  •  The tips you receive will help you deploy your CRM.
  •  Your customers will receive email quotes quickly and you will generate leads quickly using new email marketing features.
  •  With illustrated customer contact details, VoIP calls can be managed with just a few clicks.
    It is also possible to manage your pipeline by setting aside a part of the prospective lead in order to straighten things out.

Opportunities to perform

  •  It is possible to schedule sales team members’ activities in Odoo 16 CRM and log their activity in the opportunity chatter using predefined actions.
  •  With your customizing feature, you can also add stage heads and structure the pipeline accordingly.
  •  You can plan your actions and coordinate them with the steps in the pipeline and activities based on the opportunities.
  •  Odoo automatically provides you with an action that needs to be taken after you trigger VoIP calls with your customers.
  •  With Google calendar and mobile sync, you can also schedule meetings with the opportunities.
  •  It is possible to see everything about the opportunity on one page: the visitor’s level, emails, meetings, preceding orders, next steps, etc.
  •  In the Odoo CRM, you can also track and analyze the lost reasons.


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