Overview of the Odoo16 Employee Appraisal App

July 19, 2023

The performance assessment of an employee plays a vital role while evaluating or considering each employee. Odoo 16 appraisal app can be used to assess each employee based on the strength and flaws that they have with them. Each employee will be provided with certain goals and certain criteria to be achieved, and also the assessment based on this can be provided as feedback to them. So, Odoo automates this procedure to ensure that it is carried out fairly and promptly.

The features which are included in the Odoo 16 Appraisal module are:

  • Regular assessment system to support people of your company.
  • Collecting valid information by asking correct questions
  • Add questions, update pages, and create an effective survey using the built-in templates or your own design.
  • Specify a schedule for generating interview requests in order to automate the process.

Now let’s have the view of the Appraisal app in Odoo 16.


The home page of the Odoo appraisal module is shown in the below image.


All employee details are added in the Kanban View. The system provides information about each employee, including their names, dates, and departments. Appraisals can be sorted from left to right based on “COMPANY,” “STATUS,” and “DEPARTMENT.”

New Appraisals and Appraisal Menus

The creation form of employee appraisal is shown below.


Employee names should be entered into the “Employee” and “Manager” fields. Additionally, a “Department” and company should be selected. There are two tab sections on the form, such as “Appraisal” and “Private Notes.”

Appraisal Tab

Management and employee feedback can be managed under the “Appraisals” area. Also, the Employee Goals smart button allows one to view the goals for employees. Users can also turn on the Visible to Manager option, which allows the manager to view the same.

Private Note

The private note is the place where you can type notes or messages regarding the appraisal. Once you are done with this, make sure that you have saved the information. Also, you can complete the appraisal by pressing the “MARK AS DONE” button.

Goal’s menu & Creation of new Goal

It’s necessary for an organization to assess the employee’s performance to analyze their contribution to organizational goals. This can be done in Odoo 16 using the Goals menu in the appraisal module.



A new Goal can be added by clicking “New”. The new configuration form of Goal is shown below.


In the Goal area, please define the Goal description. After that please select the Employee name and the respective manager for that employee. Along with that, you can add the deadline as well. The progress option shows the corresponding progress percentage with that particular goal.

The text space ‘Description’ allows you to add any messages or terms and conditions related to the goal specified. Now save the details. Once the details are saved, click on Mark as Done, which indicates the procedure is completed. The completed goals will be assigned with a green ribbon Done as shown below.

odoo-appraisalsReporting Menu/ Appraisal Analysis

With the reporting menu, users can see the report based on each employee and their performance. Appraisal analysis helps you to sort the appraisal data based on Day, year, month, etc.


Configuration Menu

Users can configure various appraisal-related settings under the Configuration menu. Configuration menu includes “Evaluation scale and Survey.”

Evaluation Scale

odoo-erp-implementationYou can see the dashboard with an already-created evaluation scale name. A new scale name can be added by clicking new and then just clicking the Save button.


odoo-erp-survaysIn this area, we will review information about each survey, such as its average time, completion rate, registered users, questions, and more, in the “Surveys” window. Additionally, it has the option to share, test, see results and also start live sessions, and plan activities accordingly.

Also, you can configure a new survey by clicking on the NEW button.


Input the responsible person’s name, Survey title and also add questions that suit the survey process, and also can fill in other tabs such as Options, Description, and End Message. Also, after saving the survey details, you can share the same with your employees and organization using the ‘SHARE’ button.

Odoo 16 Employee Appraisal app includes these features, which help an organization to automate its appraisal procedures and deliver the results fairly and promptly.

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