The Odoo 16 Login Process for Any User

May 12, 2023

Odoo 16 allows admins to log in as any user, select the user, and return to the admin account when finished. Administrators can also use this feature for troubleshooting and testing.

Here are some features of Odoo 16’s Login As Any User feature:

  • Access Group Information and User Selection.
  • Users can access their assigned modules, perform tasks, and collaborate with other users once logged in.

Access Group Information and User Selection:

After selecting the user, the admin can click on the switch user button to change the user to the selected user. There is a table that shows group access for selected users, and admins can switch to that specific user if he/she is a portal user. Admins or users with elevated permissions will log in as the affected user. And troubleshoot the issue using the “Login as Any User” feature. It enables us to identify and solve a problem more quickly than having to rely on affected users to describe it and provide screenshots.

To ensure that this feature is not misused or abused, authorized users should only use it with proper oversight and control measures in place. Besides unauthorized access to other users’ accounts, unrestricted access can cause privacy violations, as well as other security breaches. As a result, organizations should implement access controls and policies to manage this feature.


Log in with a different username:

  • Get the app installed
  • There will be a user icon in the top right corner of the systray once the program has been installed
  • program-has-been-installedThe wizard will appear after you click on the icon
  • switch-userWhen you click on the switch button, the selected user will be logged in
  • Once you click on the icon again, you will be logged in to your account

To conclude, Odoo 16 offers admins a useful feature for troubleshooting and testing through “Login As”. Admins can easily identify issues users may experience by logging in as any user and returning to their admin account after selecting the user. This feature must only be used for legitimate purposes and responsibly. Administrators should always get the consent of users before accessing their accounts. The “Login As “feature in Odoo 16 can improve the efficiency of troubleshooting and testing processes with the right precautions.

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