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October 25, 2022

What makes your point-of-sale business a hit among the public?

The quality of service, quickness of action, accuracy of the invoice, and customer satisfaction undoubtedly make your point of sale business a favorite of your customers. Any Odoo Implementation Company can help businesses to complete the installation process.

What happens if provide poor quality service, slow invoicing, and order management? The customers are sure to hunt for other retailers who offer them the best.

Odoo has a miraculous role now. With only a built module for managing point-of-sales operations, Odoo lets you relax and do your tasks. You do not have to make hurry, run around and worry about invoicing and remaining tasks on implementing the most popular ERP solution for point-of-sale business.

 Running any point-of-sale business, be it a shop or a restaurant, doesn’t matter. Odoo PoS can draw the best support for your team.

It is an ERP platform that is compatible with various hardware like tablets, desktops, laptops, mobile phones, and industrial machines. Odoo PoS brings together every function that your shop requires. With a smart user interface suitable for all variants of retail businesses, Odoo offers you the ease of using an ERP solution.

Advantages of Using Odoo 16 PoS

 Online and Offline Support

 Internet connectivity might sometimes be a concern for you. But don’t worry, your Odoo has a solution for this issue. Odoo Point of Sale is functional online and offline. It guarantees you uninterrupted support even when the connection is not online. You certainly need a stable internet connection to start and stop the operation. However, connectivity errors in between will not damage your operation. Set up new stores with Odoo 16 and you can complete the process quickly.

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Build Customer Relation

 A customer is unlikely to return to your shop if he/she is not happy with what you offer. Besides, your offers, discounts, and loyalty programs can also influence customers. Odoo 16 Pos is a platform that will continuously connect you with your customers. Introducing loyalty programs and other schemes also becomes effortless in this extra-brilliant software application for sales management.

 Odoo 16 is at your service to reward your customers with loyalty points. Introducing gifts and discounts also gets automated with this efficient software application. Our automated ERP solution can identify your customers, track their buying patterns and list out loyal customers. This application helps you in issuing loyalty cards and barcode IDs.

 An ERP solution that has been dedicatedly prepared for retail business management, Odoo PoS helps our clients to register all customer details with little difficulty. You can keep track of the buying habits of the customers and capture their attention with attractive offers. Odoo also supports the Sale notice mailing facility with the help of Odoo Mailing. As it is a customer-oriented application, the ERP either generates invoices instantly or sends the invoices to the customers via mail.

 POS Integration with Other Odoo Modules

 Odoo assures full-fledged support to all customers with the help of integration.

Our implementation experts assure the smooth integration of different Odoo modules to offer complete assistance to users. Odoo Pos is completely integrable with the Odoo Inventory module, Odoo E-Commerce, email marketing, and Sales.

 Integration with Inventory

 Stock management and availability check are essential to ensure that your customer gets the product they look for. It is also important to avoid piling up stock. Inventory management and its integration with Point of Sale becomes an important element as real-time availability check is possible with this.

 ECommerce integration

 Online platforms are the best sources for managing businesses. In restaurant or shop, online sale is the latest trend. As Odoo permits eCommerce integration, the point of sale business operators can launch e sale of their products with all the product details and specifications.

 Email market integration

With a separate module of email marketing, Odoo allows you to remain connected with your customers through email. Product details offer details and other information can be shared with the customers. Businesses can easily generate email campaigns even without IT knowledge and capture the attention of customers.

 Integration with Odoo Sales

 Odoo Sales eases the generation of invoices. The process gets completed in a few clicks.

 Point of Sale by Odoo 16 is the perfect tool for systematically managing the retail business. It supports different payment methods, the use of credit and debit cards, offline payment, invoicing, and all other payment-related tasks. The ERP System is best fitted for price discount management, order generation receipt generation, and barcode management.

 Tracking orders and managing cash flow and franchises become effortless with Odoo ERP. Odoo 16 also supports product management, product search and product count management, and variant management along with restaurant-specific operations such as split bills and delayed order management.

 Odoo Point of Sale is the best choice for any restaurant or retail business as Odoo Implementation Cost is less compared to other ERP platforms. Bassam Infotech, your friendly Odoo Partner has an expert team to complete the implementation process. We also assure other Odoo Services at reasonable pricing.


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