Manage Multiple Prices for AC & Non-AC Floors in Odoo 17 POS

June 5, 2024

Price control for certain areas of a location, such as air-conditioned and non-air-conditioned floors, is crucial to a hospitality business’s profit and capacity to satisfy customers. Using the Odoo 17 Point of Sale (PoS) Module, businesses can handle many price levels for different kinds of floors with accuracy and flexibility in pricing methods.

It can be difficult to manage various floor prices in a restaurant or store, but Odoo 17’s advanced price rules and price list abilities make it simple. This is a detailed article that will teach you how to use the Odoo 17 POS Module to manage floor prices.

Flexible Price List Creation

Businesses may generate customized price lists with Odoo 17 PoS Module that are suitable for specific floor types, such as AC and non-AC areas. Businesses may utilize different pricing methods to meet the needs of different customer groups and business needs by creating different price lists for each floor.

Continue to the Settings menu’s Settings screen. Users can establish pricing for products using Odoo’s Pricing section’s Variable Pricelists feature, as seen here.


A pricelist option appears under the product tab when this Flexible Pricelists feature is enabled. Multiple pricing per product and Advanced price rules are the two forms of price that Odoo offers.

*multiple rates per product: When there are multiple prices per product, they might be paid differently for the same goods depending on the customer or sale channel.

*More complex price rules, automated profits, roundings, and discounts are all possible with advanced price rules.

Creating a new Pricelist

An adjustable pricing feature in Odoo 17 lets customers set and manage the prices for their Point of Sale (POS). This application enables users to specify different rates for the same product based on the customer or sales channel, as well as complex pricing rules like automated reductions, margins, and roundings.

Users can choose a specific pricelist under the product tab and produce a pricelist.


Open an additional configuration form for creating a new pricelist. We can choose the item and its price criteria from the Pricing Rules page. In addition, users have the choice of choosing the currency and Company to utilize it. The Start Date and End Date for this price list can change according to below.


The Repeating Prices and Rental Rules tab parts, respectively, involve details of the Recurring price rule and Rental rule for any items covered by this pricelist.

The Configuration tab enables you to change the Country Groups, Websites, and Discounts Policy from this amount, shown below.

Users can start a new PoS session and add it to the selected pricelist after establishing the pricelist.

Setting Multiple Floors and Tables

Using the Floor Plans button located under the Floor & Tables Maps title or the Floor Plans menu of the Configuration menu, customers can customize the tables for every level in the Settings tab. Details like the table’s name, number of seats, shape, and colour can be set.

For example, I created two floors there, the A/C Floor and the Non-A/C A floor.

A/C Floor

Non-A/C Floor

Create Advanced Pricelists for A/C and Non-A/C Floor

When referring to advanced pricing lists, customers may develop different pricing lists for the AC floor as compared to the typical pricing list, in addition to general price lists for their typical floors. By selecting the “Add a line” button located inside the “Price Rules” tab of the Pricelists configuration form, users can additionally establish conditions or rules for these pricelists.

As you can see below, I created two pricelists: one for the A/C floor and the other for the non-A/C floor.


Odoo 17 offers a range of pricing plans, such as formula-based methods and the option of charging extra for products that are located on the non-air conditioning floor. Customers get access to price history for every product.


Managing Multiple prices for AC and NON-AC floors

Users can set different prices for A/C and non-A/C floors in a restaurant using the advanced price rules in Odoo 17, which are tailored to specific business requirements. Users must pick the ‘Is a Bar/Restaurant’ option in the setup Settings box and alter the pricelist to advanced price rules to utilize this functionality, as illustrated below.


In the end, establish the advanced price rules by selecting the ‘Advanced price rules’ option found in the Pricing tab of the Flexible Pricelists option in the settings window as shown below.


Additionally, by using this functionality, companies can define different rates based on occupation levels, day of the week, or time of day for both AC and non-AC floors.

Test and Implement

Launch a new version of PoS and have a look at the floors and table you have made. In this section as shown below, are the two-floor alternates inside our selected restaurant session, known as the A/C Floor and Non-A/C Floor.


After that, we can choose a table and the A/C floor before walking into a pub or cafe to observe how pricing lists work. As can be observed below, as soon as the shop session begins, the Orders window opens.


We can then check the pricelists for different floors by clicking on the Non-A/C Floor Pricelist (USD) button provided at the left side of the window. This will open a pop-window, where we can choose the required pricelist configured for the particular shop as illustrated below.


Now that we have chosen the A/C Floor Pricelist, we may view it while placing our product order.


Once we have selected the pricelist as usual, we can finally start the ordering process.
Odoo 17 POS offers sophisticated price rules and capabilities for both A/C and non-A/C regions, making floor price administration easier. This technology expedites processes and improves client experience. Businesses can achieve growth and success by optimising their pricing strategy and streamlining processes via the efficient use of these technologies.

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