How to Import Your Data in Odoo 17 Sales Module

July 3, 2024

The ability to import sale orders is extremely useful in Odoo if you’re looking to streamline your data entry processes or migrate data from another system. When we need to migrate bulk data, manually entering each record is not an effective method. When we import data, we can add multiple records quickly and efficiently, saving time compared to manually entering them.

It is necessary to download Odoo’s sale order import template before we can import it. Once we have downloaded the template, we can add the data, update it, and upload it.


In a new window, click Export and a list of available fields appears on the left, while fields to export appear on the right. By clicking on the + icon in the ‘available fields’ section, we can add the fields we wish to export. If we are exporting the data multiple times, we can save this template under that name and use it.

There is also an option to update the data (import-compatible export). If that option is selected, only the fields that can be imported are displayed. Update the record using the external ID, which uniquely identifies the record, so that there is no duplication of data.

we can add the following fields to export:

Order reference, Customer, Order Date, price, Invoice Address, Delivery Address, Payment terms, Order Lines/Product, Order Lines/Description, Order Lines/Quantity, Order Lines/Unit of Measure, Order Lines/Unit Price, Order Lines/Taxes, Invoicing Journal/Journal Name, Salesperson, Sales Team, Fiscal Position


When all fields have been added, click on Export to export the template and update it as needed


After updating the sale order template spreadsheet we can go back to the quotations page and select Import records.


After uploading the file, a page showcasing all the elements of the sale order template spreadsheet

Using the Test button in the upper left corner, we can check if all columns and fields are aligned correctly and manually assign the file column to the Odoo Field if necessary. When everything is applied correctly, a blue banner appears at the top, informing the user that everything seems to be correct.

Our sales app now allows us to view and edit imported quotations from the quotations page.

All the fields in the sheet are imported to the respective fields in the sales.


So we have seen the importing of sale orders in Odoo 17. This is an effective method for adding bulk sale data to the database on Odoo 17.

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