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March 6, 2023
In the Partner Form, the module allows you to maintain the Email and SMS History (received and sent mail). 
As a benefit of the module, the smart tab of the partner form contains all messages and emails sent to or received by the partner. All the emails and SMS that have been sent to and received from that partner, along with the content of each message, the sender and receiver, and the date and time, will be logged here for you to review.

This Odoo app has the following main features:

  • A detailed SMS history is available for the partner
  • It is possible to view emails sent by the partner.
  • It also includes the partner’s received emails.

We can configure the App in the following ways:

Step 1: To get started, you must first install Odoo 16 Partner Email and SMS History from the Odoo
app store by using the link below.
  • Odoo App Link:

History Button For Sent and Received Emails and SMS

In the header of the Odoo 16 Contact module, we can see three new smart buttons.
  • By clicking the send email button, We can view all the emails sent by a partner
  • Users can view received emails by clicking the received emails button.
  • We can also view SMS history by clicking the SMS button. 
email history


View all Odoo Email History sent by a Partner 

We must configure the Outgoing mail server in Odoo 16 before sending emails.
The advantage of this option is that you can view all emails sent by the customer and emails sent from your system
can be forwarded using the outgoing mail server settings.
After setting up the outgoing mail server, Odoo 16 Contacts can send emails.
  • To view all emails sent by a partner, click the button ‘sent emails’ in the form view.
The following are emails sent by the partner.
sms history

View all Email History received by a partner 

  • All received emails can be viewed by clicking the Received Emails button. 
  • By clicking the button of the required partner, the Admin can see all the emails received by that partner.
odoo apps for history

Check out a partner’s history of SMS 

  • We can send messages to partners using Odoo.
  • It is possible to view the history of the partner’s SMS messages by clicking on the button ‘SMS’.
apps for mail history
A business that frequently communicates with its partners by email and SMS will benefit from this app.
Furthermore, it ensures that the history of communication can be tracked for reference or compliance.

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