How Bassam Infotech’s New office in Saudi Arabia will Help Local Businesses with Odoo

June 8, 2023

Today, businesses are growing swiftly with the support of new technology. ERP solutions are widely used by small and medium-sized businesses to spread their wings and keep up with technological advancements.

Any firm can use ERP as a tool for promoting all business relationships, output, and instant product marketing. ERP also supports real-time data access and the aggregation of information from several sources into a single platform. Here, comes the role of a dedicated Odoo partner in Saudi Arabia. Bassam Infotech, one of the top Odoo development companies offers a selection of business apps and features to support almost every corporate administration.

By minimizing manual labor and adjusting to changing market needs, ERP systems boost business productivity. Because of its practical and user-friendly features, Odoo is currently the recommended ERP for any SME and ME. In a country where many small and medium businesses are flourishing a trusted Odoo partner can be a game changer. SMEs now have scope in a wide range of sectors, including manufacturing, retail, commerce, etc.

Besides, Bassam in Saudi Arabia is ready to help with implementing Odoo ERP in different sectors at an affordable rate.

How does the new Bassam office in Saudi Arabia benefit local businesses?

 Bassam has over 25 years of experience in implementing ERP solutions. The team has been operating in many countries and supporting small, medium, and large enterprises to coordinate their activities effectively. A leading Odoo Implementation Company, Bassam guarantees comprehensive support to manage various business operations efficiently with Odoo.

Bassam has been a leading Odoo Company in the Middle East and the new office in Saudi Arabia has enhanced its role in supporting business firms. Similarly, local businesses can quickly and effortlessly contact Bassam as the team has a customer-friendly team. The team offers Odoo services at an affordable rate making it viable for local businesses.

We can examine the role of Bassam in supporting businesses in KSA.


Guarantee Quick Implementation Support

How quickly an ERP implementation team reacts to customer inquiries can assess the success of the team. With the opening of a new office in KSA, Bassam is highly proactive and responds to each query of the customer soon. A potential customer at Bassam will not have to wait long for professional advice. In addition, our staff will work with you in every step of implementation to ensure a smooth ride with Odoo.

Get a Single Platform for All Activities

The Odoo ERP solution includes every component an enterprise would need. Odoo has several modules to support activities from purchasing and production to transportation and inventory management.

Bassam guides your business to manage all operations through one platform using Odoo. Our team interacts with you and identifies your requirements. Then, the team decides on Odoo Customisation and Odoo Integration. Effective integration support by our Saudi team reduces labor, time, and errors. Thus, enhancing the productivity of the company.

Every business will have to incorporate several components into the ERP. The only way to guarantee coordinated work and quick results is the use of such integration. The new office of Bassam offers the best management help for Odoo. Our extensive experience in the Middle East plays a great role in identifying the business requirements here. Customers get the best service without running into technical issues when dealing with an expert competitor like Bassam. Bassam Infotech’s skilled technical staff is always on hand to provide integration support.

Grab Affordable Odoo Service

It’s possible that small and medium-sized enterprises lack the funding to invest in high-cost ERP solutions. Odoo comes to your rescue now. Businesses have a cost-effective option to manage their software thanks to Odoo support. Though a firm can implement Odoo on its own, expert support will surely be a boon for the business. It can help your business complete the implementation effectively and hassle-free. Similarly, Odoo’s partner can guide the businesses throughout the implementation and use of the ERP tool.

Businesses can save money on hiring and training an in-house IT team by outsourcing their software support. They can avoid spending money on pricey software solutions that might not meet their particular requirements. Businesses have access to a scalable, adaptable solution with Odoo support that is flexible and inexpensive.

Ensure Training and Support

Odoo is a powerful piece of software with many applications that new users may find difficult. Thus, organizations may need guidance and training to comprehend the capabilities and functionalities of the software.

Bassam Infotech’s new office in Saudi Arabia assures continuous support and training to clients. The team will guide you on how to use the tool effectively. Different features and functionalities become highly beneficial for the company if the users are trained properly. Our team makes sure that the users are using the tool properly by offering them practice sessions. Hence, the companies can ensure the optimum use of the tool.

Anytime help

Clients of Odoo support company receive help on time. This implies that companies can receive support whenever they need it, regardless of their location or time zone. Businesses with international operations and those operating globally can benefit from this.

Data Protection

No matter the size of the firm, data security is a top priority for Bassam. Top-rated providers of Odoo support make sure that their client’s data is secure and shielded from online dangers.

Being Odoo partners, the Odoo Company trains directly our team members. Thus we are well aware of the methods to secure the data of our clients. Our team guarantees all safety measures while migrating and managing data and our expertise in the effective implementation of Odoo prevents data leakage of any sort.

Our team has expertise in implementing, customizing, and integrating Odoo for many businesses. Any business firm in KSA can contact our team to get support for Odoo implementation and customization. We are always willing to assist you enhance your business.

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