Odoo 16 Construction Management Module

November 18, 2022

Being the most popular app in ERP implementation, Odoo undertakes multiple roles. One of the most popular modules with this ERP is the one for the construction industry. As everyone knows, the construction industry defines the pace of growth in each country. The creation of infrastructure and facilities reflects the speed of development. Naturally, thousands of new units in the construction sector take birth in the country. What makes them unique is the different styles of functioning and quality.

Gone are the days when a few managed everything the manual way. Human efforts were the most important resource for everything. The modern-day growth in IT has changed it. Now, with just a mouse click, one can ensure better planning, flawless supervision, and perfect implementation. To achieve such perfection, Odoo’s module for the construction industry is a perfect partner.

Option for Project Planning and Controlling

The entry of ERP-based operations helps in replacing human effort. Using the construction module, one can easily plan the budgeting, estimation, planning, and project implementation without confusion or trouble. We can compare the actual proposal and the completed project for the correct assessment of the whole work.

Create the resource requirement effortlessly and manage coasting factors with Odoo 16 Construction. The analysis of the rate is easily possible here. Task update is quickly possible with the completion tracking options with material and labor. In building projects, planning and scheduling will become a cakewalk with ERP help. Importantly, we can precisely assess cost and quantity variance with this tool.

One can easily track the material issues and the status of work completed at the site. Reconciliation of stock is another convenience of using this ERP. For the engineers, project progress forecasting and chart view become simple. They can easily compare the schedule of tasks with the actual completion list. The four components such as project, subproject, work breakdown structure, task groups, and tasks help promote the planning of the whole process.

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Perfect procurement

In the construction industry procurement of materials deserves special attention. Any flaws in the area will land the operators in trouble and a huge loss. The operation of the Odoo module in construction management will perfectly handle the task. One can take control over the whole affairs with options for better planning, monitoring, and execution.

The generation of material indents based on the work breakdown structure will be an easy task with this module. One can easily analyze the indents to achieve the accurate purchase of materials with the workflow management system. They can also ensure supplier registration along with the grading and basement works.

Quotation management provides immense support for the systematization of multiple quotations to ensure easy comparison. They will also be able to analyze the previous prices of materials and compare them with the latest price. Generation of purchase orders will be a trouble-free job in such an environment.

The users can complete the verification of the entire purchase against the fixed budget and estimate with no worry. Proper compliance with the local, national, and international tax regimes can be possible with this module. Also, the creation and management of raw materials and organization of stores because of materials, site, and company turns effortless.

Users can manage Specialised Rate only Purchase orders strategically using this module. Purchase return or material transfer will be possible with simple procedures. Above all, the management of suppliers and tracking top supplies in terms of value and quality will be a very comfortable task.

 Trouble-free contracting

A lot of procedures are involved in contracting. There may be several sub-contractors involved in a project. So management of every component without the support of software will be a herculean task.

Using the Odoo 16 module for construction management, one can easily complete supplier registration, grading, and other assessment tasks. Generation of labor indents will be easy along with contractor registration and status-based management. Quotation and approval based on comparison can be done on time. Also, the management can ensure a task-based payment schedule in the work order system.

There are also features such as the creation and issues of work orders apart from the option to track billable tasks and work completion status. A workflow system for multilevel approval of job orders and bills will be possible here. As we said earlier, handling different tax regimes will be a comfortable task for the accounting wing. Jobs such as department-level handling and billing can be done on time.

 Procedures for land acquisition and development

The task often forms the first phase of work in many construction projects. A lot of procedures and phases are involved in this task. It can be easily managed and completed with the support of the Odoo module for construction management.

Quick incorporation of property details into the system for time reference becomes effortless with the latest version of Odoo Inventory. We can also track land proposals using the data repository. Managing the details of landowners and the land property becomes easier.

The platform helps the users manage the transactions involved in preparing land at a single point and put an end to the running pillar-to-post for its completion. The accounting wing will have a trouble-free time managing the details.

Flawless Expense Management and Accounting

Also, it enables us to manage direct and indirect expenses with this module. Odoo Accounting makes project budgeting, purchase orders generation and service orders, and processing and passing of bills simpler. Automated alerts and triggers come as an added advantage. The creation of project-wide cost allocation is also possible here.

For the accounting wing, integration of all modules for easy operation will be possible with this system. Automatic tax calculation, payment triggers, generation of statutory forms, Multi-Company accounting, loans and repayments management, asset management, and income-expenditure statements will be a trouble-free experience. We can generate financial statements and costing reports for comparison.



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