Managing Customer and Supplier Contacts Using Odoo

February 23, 2022

Keeping your contacts in one centralized place is much easier than storing the information using multiple methods, which makes it time consuming and difficult to find the relevant information and keep it up to date. With the Odoo contacts management module, you can encode, manage and import your contacts information, and you can also access it in every other Odoo module. So you can forget about your nightmares of disorganization, and let’s see how we can do this in odoo15.

Now we are going to go ahead and go into the Contacts management application.


The next step is to choose a contact from the above picture.

Here I will choose Bloem GmbH which is shown below.

contacts management

From here, you can click the option edit so that you can add many options like address, VAT, Phone, website, language, and more.
The next step is to move to the bottom of the page, where you can see contacts & addresses and click on that, then Add. This option is to add contacts and addresses that perhaps aren’t the regular address, and maybe you have a specific contact person you can add that information here. And when we click add, we can see as below figure.

contacts & addresses

You can add contact address, invoice address, delivery address, other address or even private address.
Next is that we can add internal notes perhaps, I would like to say that there is a good customer and I would like to mark that on the contact page.

odoo 15

Also, you have the Sales and Purchase tab, as shown below.

Sales and Purchase

From the above figure, you can see sales details at the left of the page and purchase details right of the page.

We can also assign a specific salesperson to the customer/supplier. Here, we can say that they have a preferred delivery method.

We can add payment terms that are specific to this customer. For example, I can put them under a certain price list. We can also have some miscellaneous fields such as reference, industry, company, website, website tags, and under the point of scale, you can see the option Barcode. Also, you can add the Fiscal information here.

Under purchase, you can see some options like payment terms, payment method, Receipt Reminder, and Supplier Currency.
Then, we can also see their invoicing information, as shown below.

invoicing information

Add a bank account

Here we can add a bank account. For example, let’s say that you are purchasing from a unique person or company, and we always send the money to the same account. Having that information on the contact page makes things much easier and simpler.
In the Partner Assignment tab, you could upload the Geo Location of the touch with inside the specific field.

In the Partner Activation field, you’ll be capable of specifying the Partner Level, Activation, and Level Weight. You can outline the Latest Partner Review, Next Partner Review, and Partnership Date with inside the Partner Review tab. The club information about the touch may be described with inside the Membership field.

You can pick the Free Member choice in case you need to present an unfastened club for the contact. In the Associate Member field, you could assign a member with whom you need to partner your club. You also can specify your Current Membership Status with inside the given field.
When we come back to the top of the page, there are many options which can be the movements we made on other applications or in other documents.

You can schedule the meetings here.

You can schedule the meetings here

You can add the opportunity to your contact as shown below.


Likewise, you will be connected to sales, purchases, vendor bills, websites.

After completing all necessary fields in the new contact creation window, you can click the Save button to save the new contact.

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