Odoo Documents Management | Documents Module in Odoo 16

August 18, 2023

Odoo’s Documents module is a robust document management tool designed to streamline document organization and improve collaboration with in our organization. Let’s inspect some of the key features of this document’s module of the enterprise.

The Below Logo Shows the Odoo Documents Module


First, Let’s See How This Upload Button Works

You can use this button to upload any kind of document, as shown below. This makes it easy to quickly view documents without having to download them first. And you can lock the documents by activating the lock logo on the right side of the screen.


You can create a spreadsheet from this module and save it, as shown below.


You can request a document from a person and provide a note as shown below.


And the requested document will be shown on the main dashboard and marked as, ‘requested document’ , shown below.


There are many options like ‘Download’, ‘Share’, ‘Replace’, and ‘Lock’. You can lock the documents by enabling the lock, shown on the right side of the page below.



There you can see an option ‘chat’. With Odoo’s chat feature, we can discuss documents, ping people, or create next activities to track activities on a document. This helps streamline collaboration and communication around the documents.

‘ADD A LINK’ Button can be used to add a link in the documents as shown below.

Link-Button- In-Odoo-Documents-Management

The ‘SHARE’ button can be used to share folders to provide access to external users with or without logins. This feature allows external collaborators to upload new documents, thus improving collaboration and productivity, as shown below.


Multiple Tags In Odoo Document Structuring

We can set multiple tags to structure documents per folder, making it easier to search for and find specific documents. This Odoo feature streamlines documents management and saves our time and that is shown on the right side of the screen.

Customizable filters allow us to quickly find the documents they need. We can save their most commonly used filters as favorites, making document management even easier.


Advantages Of Customizable Filters

There are easy filters we can use. Customizable filters allow us to quickly find the documents they need. We can save their most commonly used filters as favorites, making Odoo documents management even easier. Thus, we can also use this ‘documents’ module very easily and effortlessly.

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