What is Dropshipping? | What is EDI? | What is Odoo Drop-shipping EDI integration | Key Benefits of Odoo Drop-shipping EDI Integration | Odoo Partner
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What is Dropshipping? | What is EDI? | What is Odoo Drop-shipping EDI integration | Key Benefits of Odoo Drop-shipping EDI Integration

What is Dropshipping EDI integration?

Dropshipping EDI integration plays a crucial role in the easy management of products, orders, and inventory. It helps the FTP server to manage all operations automatically; this saves time as manual operation is not required.  

What is Dropshipping?

Dropshipping is an evolving marketing strategy. It allows a business to carry out the sale of a product without actually manufacturing or storing it. Dropshipping lets the user collect the order from a customer and transfer it to a third party supplier or manufacturer. In this business model, the third-party supplier is responsible for the delivery of the product.

What is EDI?

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) is the transfer of data in electronic format. It is the most advanced communication technology between a warehouse and a store. The electronic data transfer allows a virtual store or a brick and mortar business to efficiently coordinate the product transfer with the customer and the third-party supplier. 

Benefits of Odoo Dropshipping EDI Integration

Odoo, the Best ERP provider, offers a comprehensive solution for dropshipping with EDI integration. The smooth management of the ERP enables the documentation of a large number of customer details and third party supplier details. The correct coordination of the customer and supplier, best time management mechanism, and other features make Odoo the best ERP solution for Dropshipping EDI integration. 

Let us take a look at the Key Benefits of Odoo Drop-shipping EDI Integration.

Identify Active Suppliers

Odoo software companies can give you the best solution for identifying active suppliers and inactive suppliers. With ERP implementation, the activities of the suppliers get documented. The Odoo inventory module also helps to report the suppliers’ performance and the products supplied by them. The product review also enables the evaluation of the suppliers’ performance.

Dropship EDI Configuration for Suppliers

Get new product information.

You can get updates about the new products offered by your suppliers. An ERP product makes dropshipping a successful venture with frequent product updates and notifications. It ensures a huge leap in the market and healthy competition. 

Accurate product information

Dropshipping EDI integration ensures accurate product information to the customers. The EDI enables the integration of product details available in suppliers’ inventory with the e-commerce platform. The stock availability, product variant details, and price specifications can be listed in an attractive format with Odoo EDI integration with dropshipping. Sales, purchase, quotation, contact, and other modules will get integrated into Odoo Dropshipping EDI. The product information, including the size of the product, colour, price, and other details, can be updated with this integration. 

Social validation

Social validation is a new marketing strategy. The feature of Odoo dropshipping EDI integration facilitated by Bassam Infotech helps promote the product without commercial advertisements. As the product details get integrated with the drop shipping platform, it helps promote the products that do not have brand support. The review by other customers easily attracts fresh customers. Social validation, which is part of the marketing strategy, helps the business to grow. Many who look for peer reviews are more likely to go for the product based on social validation.

Stock update

Frequent update of multiple supplier inventory data is possible through this platform. EDI integration enables the dropshipping business to organize all product stock related documents in an e-platform. Automated data updating, purchase, and sale data updating support the accurate management of supplier warehouse details; this ensures product availability and proper notification for the products unavailable for sale. It also automates updating of price listings of the third party suppliers. 

Competitive pricing

ERP implementation ensures the best support for price management. With EDI integration, the product price and price for different product variants can also be managed by the supplier. The dropship business will alert its suppliers about the product demand and advise them on pricing. 


Manage FTP Server and Directories

The integration feature helps the user to configure the FTP server. Odoo enables management dropship operations easily by server settings. It supports updating the directory list in the inventory module. It ensures the speedy transfer of electronic data between computers and networks. The cloud-based ERP system facilitates round the clock data exchange between the supplier, drop-ship business, and customer network. It allows data transactions between the three, speeding up the transaction process.

Export drop-ship orders

Implementing ERP will help you find the best support of exporting shipment details, export order, and other documents to the FTP server. It also supports shipment detail import. The EDI integration enables the export of orders at the FRP server to ease the product’s delivery. It also helps the dropshipper to collect the order from the server and carry out the delivery process. Once the customer places the order, it automatically gets posted to the supplier. It also helps the dropshipper to get the commission for the product without any technical delay. 

Import inventory details

The dropshipping business does not need its own inventory or stock management. Implementing ERP for Dropshipping EDI integration will help the business import stock details from the retailer or supplier. The document can be imported to the FTP server. 

Odoo, an open-source software, supports to update this document in the e-commerce platform. The custom ERP assures the integration of sales and inventory operations, allowing the import of stock from the inventory.

Import product catalogue

Odoo ERP makes it possible to import a product catalogue to the FTP server. It also helps the customer and supplier to get a clear view of the product details. The customer gets the opportunity to search for a product based on the product name, vendor name, and other details. The customer can select the required product from the product catalogue for improving the business. A detailed catalogue from the supplier can be used to promote the product in the online market. 

Configuration to manage Product Import Process

Traceability of shipment

It is easy to track the movement of products from the supplier’s inventory to the delivery point with drop ship EDI integration. Dropship EDI integration also makes it easy to track a particular product’s performance or the products supplied by a supplier. 

Easy return of products

Integrating operations ensure the speedy return of unwanted products. After placing an order, the cancellation of products after delivery and reissue of products gets compiled with Odoo support. Through Bassam Infotech, these whole processes can be a cakewalk, and it can usher in wonderful changes in your industry.  

If you plan a new ERP Software implementation and you have heard about Odoo and got attracted by the Odoo ERP platform, decided to use it but don’t have time, resources, or knowledge to manage this yourself, thereby looking for professional assistance, then you have come to a right place. Bassam Infotech has implemented scores of Odoo ERP all around the world. In addition, we have also developed and delivered our own customized Odoo applications with minimal Odoo implementation cost.


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