Employee Documentation in Odoo

July 21, 2023

In every organization, it is compulsory to maintain employee documents properly so that it helps the organization at the time of employee review. To use this properly, we need to keep all the data and all necessary information appropriate. Usually, the files are kept as hard copies. Even if they are stored digitally; they rarely will have direct employee mapping, making the complete document handling messy.

Here, we are discussing a new feature in the Human Resource Management of Odoo ERP. Although there is no default facility to attach employee-related documents to Odoo; we can store the documents related to any records with the help of the ‘Document’ module in Odoo apps. We have to download and install the ‘Documents’ module; which will enable document attachment options in all modules.

‘Employee Documents’ is a useful tool that can help you to store and manage employee-related documents like certificates, passports, licenses, bond documents, appraisal reports, etc. The application also allows you to set an alert message on reaching the expiration/any other related dates of a document (like the expiration of a passport).

Main Benefits:

– No overheads of file management

– Digital storage of files

– Expiry notification feature

– Multiple copies

– Configure the custom ‘Type’ of files

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How to bring this feature to your Odoo HRMS?

From the Odoo app store, download and install the app Employee Documents as usual.

Note that you should configure the outgoing mail server correctly to enable the ‘Expiry notification’ feature.

You can go to any employee’s form view after installation. A new super button with the name “Documents” is enabled.


You can see/upload documents related to the corresponding employee when you click that super button.


Once you have selected the document, you can add the document name, issue date, expiry date, and other descriptions along with it.

Click save to attach the details to the employee profile.

By creating an Employee Documents add-on, we will get the expiry date notification. When a document has reached its expiry date, you will get notified about it.

This ensures the relevance and authenticity of the details.


This module is an essential tool for better document management in Odoo ERP. I hope you find the blog useful.


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